28 November 2013

slick and tired

It is daylight out there - somewhere

Nom Nom - to No No 

This is a bad camera angle, low light mess...
AND what I will look like in 10 years...
AND my sweet wholesome face of innocent light and love

Not a soul on the road, and these people 
Ride my butt, and honk if I am going too slow.

Fried Red Tomatoes
Goes great with last weeks Meat Loaf!

Nailed a 70 hour week - on nights!
Dedicated all the OT to getting some patio furniture.
We are long over-due for a tour.


  1. I agree...I want a tour! Nice on the work week. You are truly a machine Miss A! Looking forward to seeing that new patio furniture! You sure do radiate light and love!

    1. Like a boss I finished this week. Not just like a manager. Like a BOSS!

  2. Oh my...will your overtime last forever? Overtime money is good...but what good is the patio furniture if you are only home long enough to sleep and barely that! (((hugs))) You have a great attitude through it all.

  3. Still better than working 90 + hours with no OT....lol
    As someone was quick to point out.... and yes -
    The OT is here for me as long as I want it and can do it!
    I see some great things in my future! Long live little kids!

  4. Hi!
    Does your weight stay stable now? or do you lose?
    :) Curious in NYC

    1. I go back and forth -
      Whipping my own but by stubbornly refusing to accept
      This constant flux of 15 - 20 pounds..... up and down....
      I hate it yet I tolerate it. Unbelievable.
      Right now aim in a "It Must Go" phase!

  5. Hey witter I really love what you post to this...Infact i appreciate your work.

  6. Wow I didn't think any of the USA roads would be deserted like that!


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