14 November 2013

my highly illogical birthday week continues

Sensors indicate someone is a-knocking on the door...
Who the heck even knows I live here?
It has just now been one month since I moved.

Balloon Delivery Guy!

And then my new boss personally delivered  
A $75 gift card for my birthday!

It was nice to invite someone in and have the place looking good!
The maintenance guys said it looked as nice as the model.

When my new cute awesome little apartment
Is done with drapes and whatnot,
I should have another party!

Working on the schedule.
Sleep wake stuff.
I play more than most adults should
No - than most adults get to!

Thinking about putting a Valance - maybe this weekend.
I have big - super big - decisions to make now....
Cloth, paint, or stain? 

 Nurses never get to see a project through...
So it's good therapy to have something that 
Has a Start, a Middle, and an End.
Maybe that is why many Nurses are such poor finishers.
We just don't know how.

More fun awaits.
It is also good to not be constantly thinking about how much I weigh.
So more fun a-weights!

The Thermos was so hot last night at work-
It never cooled down even after 12 hours!
It's still warmish - almost 24 hours later.

 A smile! Yay!


  1. you are so right about nurses not knowing about finishing things...when I worked home health that helped.. I took care of a huge belly wound with a wound vac and watched it heal over 8 months...so cool! never see that working in the hospital . I would hire you to decorate for me..i'm so serious. happy birthday week girl !

  2. Hi I just found your blog while researching low carb. It is so confusing. I have no idea where to begin. But I am going to start at the beginning of your blog for inspiration. I recently lost 36 pounds. but I am now at a plateau. So I am thinking it is time to try/start something new for a jumpstart. Thanks for the inspiration and if you have any tips that is great. I am going to check out the Atkins books. Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. A valance...yes...it could be your Liberty Valance! :-)


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