23 November 2013

the big sleep

Getting to work nights... ugh
But I am making it

Just went to the store and saw this nut bowl...
Perfect for the Holidays.

After I slept nearly 18 hours!
True Story... all in one day.

Made beef and tomato and onion

And they call this a "Chubb"

This is a Parsnip.
I followed the Pioneer Woman's Recipe.
She LOVES Parsnips. 
Me - this is my first time. 
YUM! (link)

Also Herion Wings 
Dana Carpender  (link)

And Crack Slaw (link)

This has a shred of Parmesan Cheese on top

A yummy plate of LC goodness -
Showing Sherri the ins and outs of LC cooking!

Can't tell if she liked it or not! 
Lunches are cooked and lined up for the week to come.

I've been being a good little Paleo Person
And keeping my shades on so I can fall asleep quicker...
Plus I get to look this cool!


  1. Nice work on the eats. It must so hard to work nights...I can't even imagine it. You are working the shades...very cool!

  2. I love, love, love heroin wings!!!

  3. I should also mention that I add garlic powder to my wings because everything is better with bacon or garlic added!! :)

  4. I'm not sure if I liked it or not. Maybe I should came back for some more really soon to try to figure it out! :)

  5. Your plates match your couch!!!!!

    How cool is that?!

  6. Why peel parsnips? The skin is higher in fiber and minerals. Ideal candy, parsnip split and fried in bacon drippings. Yum. keep it up.


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