10 November 2013


Finally getting adjusted to the night shift

Guess you have to find a formula that works

Getting excited about hanging drapes - 
The apartment will be *done* 
People who see my place 
Are always shocked at how "girly" and "frilly"
My stuff is - they ask if I decorated it myself...lol

I guess they were expecting Army cots and cammo

Please come in - have a seat while I
moulage your arm!

Being back 100% on my own
My diet is back on track 100%

Nothing but good things pass the threshold of my home.. no junk - 
No people who do not have my best intentions in their heart.
That is my best resolution yet!


  1. Funny - I look at those pictures and I was considered marginally overweight - at 134!
    Being a strict Vegetarian (with spells of Veganism) did not help -
    YIKES - all the starch!
    BTW - My weight today for my age and height (Army standards) is 142 -
    An erstwhile goal indeed!

    1. Love that picture of you by the jeep. Nice! Happy Veterans Day, my friend. I'm really proud of all you have accomplished and glad to have been a part of so much of it over the last 40 years.

    2. Oh My Gosh..I remember when I was in the Air Force a bazillion years ago. I was a tiny little thing, size SIX, but well muscled from running and teaching aerobics classes. I was considered "over weight" by those ancient standards, and constantly on 'probation' trying to lose poundage! Glad to know that more realistic HEALTHY standards are in place now!

  2. Sparkly and shiny all in one post. Yay to shifting for the shift work!

  3. Gotta love a gal in a uniform! I was vegetarian for about 15 yrs till my health went down hill. Of course when I started putting on weight I went low fat on top of being a veg so that made things worse! I was told 10+ yrs ago that I'd be on insulin by the end of the year. Thank God for the internet & my ability to research real science, it saved me! Glad you're back on track & enjoying your new apartment.

  4. Can you tell me how you roasted your Brussels sprouts? I want to learn how to make these yummy - not there yet!

    1. OMG - they are soooooo easy.
      I snip each one in half to expose more surface area.
      Coat with EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar - I add spices here, too -
      Bake in oven at 350 for about 20 - 30 minutes...
      Watch them - the Balsamic Vinegar likes to cook fast!
      While the oven is hot, maybe try roasting some garlic, onions, peppers.....
      Even a Squash or Sweet Potato if you can handle the starches!
      Let me know how it goes, would ya?

  5. I love 'girly' things too... well done on getting back on your diet 100%.


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