11 November 2013

veteran's day

Once or twice a year, I get to Bragg
All about my Army Days.
This is one of those times.

I will take it this year, because I could use
some nice words. Hard year.

In the mean while, I am happy to say 
That I am overjoyed to be working
On plans to fix up my apartment and diet and life.
And maybe get some walking in.
And cooking. And on-plan eating.

Working 50 - 60 hours a week is a reasonable pace.
Gone are those luxurious days of hanging out
In the Grand Canyon... lazing around on the beach in LA....

So I seem to be in a "Building Phase" right now.
Got a lot of ground to cover to make up 
For the time I just lost.
And that is ok. 
Live and Learn, eh?
And so it goes....


  1. Much appreciation to all who have served in the military! Love the "Bragg" and you certainly do have bragging rights! Thank you for your service and for the contributions you make today to lowcarbers too! Be proud of yourself and continued good luck on your upward climb!

  2. Thanks for your service!! Bragg all you want! :)

  3. Thank you for risking your life for our freedom, Anne. Keep on keeping on!! You're a lovely person and thank you for taking us along for the ride.

  4. Happy Veteran's Day to you, Anne. We appreciate you! :)

  5. Thank you for serving, Anne. You are very much appreciated. :)

  6. Don't let the bastids wear you down! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Veteran's Day, Anne and thank you SO much for serving us all.

  8. I'm grateful for your service...thank you. I have been reading a lot of history about WWI ---> WWII lately ( and some novels )...profoundly humbled by the bravery and will of our forces.

  9. ps happy birthday!! and many more healthy and contented ones to ya!

  10. Thank you, Anne. And Happy Birthday!! And finally, any season of your life that you grow and learn is a good thing. Things may not end up how you thought they would or hoped they would, but you can use the experience, take the good from it, leave the bad and move on to the next season. You will be fine. :)

  11. Thank you for your service! You earned the right to Bragg. I love how you are getting right back on track! Love you so much, Miss A!!!

  12. Thank you for your service! I've been reading and catching up. don't quite understand what all's been going on , but things sound good now. Can't get HERE without what every just happened during your 'lost time'.

    1. Thanks everyone - for your kind words and support!
      I shall write a post about it all soon.... very soon!
      Just the facts. Of course. But for now- I am loving my new apartment!
      And new job working with kids!

  13. Thank you for everything you've done!


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