05 November 2013


Hi - my name is Anne - and I am a Carboholic
*Hi, Anne!*
I have set out a little plan - the next 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years.
And it starts today already!
Every day is "day one" for a Fattie.
It has been 4 weeks to-day that I last licked a bite of carbs.
Yukky cake from a box! 
Who does that? Honestly.
I guess it happens.

It always starts out nice

5 pounds creepy carb creep
And counting ...

And summer is my skinny season - seriously!

This did not help - 
Mowing the yard with a broken foot
Only made it worse

It is so easy to have Carb Creep -
Time to act; not judge!
Now - where were we?
Oh yes. A fresh start!
15 pounds is a bit out of my standard fluctuation range.
It will fall off fast since I am not in harm's way -
lol - carbs are not harmful... they are just not good for ME!
New place, new job, new all kinds of things.
I closed out almost all of the old stuff - getting ready for the new.
Now - where is that walking trail?

Or, as one FB LoCarber put it:
"Friends of Bob A" !!


  1. Carb-a-holics Anonymous - indeed!

  2. I just ate doughnuts ( sigh) this weekend and my joints hurt - wtf? Bad choice bad girl! :)
    Back to chicken and broccoli yum...

    1. eat junk = heart burn... every time.
      eat junk = weight gain... every time.
      pass the junk!
      Now I have a NOT in my stomach!

  3. How I'd love to be in the place where it all just happens without effort. Counting, measuring, being alert to pesky carbs all take time and energy. the price of a lifetime of yo-yo dieting with bad info.

    Hoping for the day when our body systems finally heal but .... time x time x patience x vigilance x doing it right. At least we are not alone in this boat :)


  4. Good for you, Anne. I'm going to take a page from your book. I'm in sad shape and need to do something soon. Friday is grocery day and I will stock up on all my favorite low carb foods. I wish you the best and will watch you for inspiration.

  5. "Time to act; not judge!" Love this Miss A!


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