12 November 2013


I don't like to post things for plans in the future - 
Because every time - that changes...
I should be good at this Zen Thing by now.
But I am not.

Having said that, I had now set my sights 
On the Massive Goal of having a chair.
Like this awesome cat picture from here.

Something like that.
I want to sit in it, outdoors, and drink coffee.

I have the Breakfast thing down now -
Breakfast for me is at 7 pm...
And I am good at packing a lunch...

It's good to be in an environment
Where no one is fussing at me for eating butter on food -
Or calling me a Conspiracy Theorist
Because I don't eat carbs... and eat more Sat Fat.

I guess living alone - 
The only person you argue with - is you yourself!
Thank goodness I have the peace of mind that comes from 
No longer having to do that.

Pants still falling off - 
I like buying my own scrubs so I can mix and match the sizes.
I still wear a medium, BUTT -
I like to have some extra room in the top for a second shirt underneath.
Just thought you would like to know that.


After working 90 - 100 hours a week
These 50 - 60 hour weeks are a walk in the proverbial park.

With that - I am off!

AND thanks everyone for my Birthday Wishes!
The celebration continues... all week!

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  1. Peace of mind is a wonderful things. Thanks for sharing the info about your scrubs. You are too funny! That chair looks like a winner. I could see sitting in it and sipping a nice cup of tea. Is that a butter and bacon cake? That would be sweet! So happy that you are enjoying YOUR day!


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