07 November 2013

late night grocery store

Got my molasses - might try some pulled pork and what not -
The other one was a wee bit expired.

Yep yep yep

What is nice about how I live now - 
I can run to the store at midnight if I need something.
Carts are for "other people."

Making beef every night

Ye Olde Storage Unit is getting quite the workout -
As am I!

Yep - it was wet.
And cold!

Stopped in at a random banquet and ate this
No one seemed to mind...
[j/k - I went to a torch seminar]

Working nights are ok - but you have to do it "right."
What works for me, is to treat it just like it were a day shift.
NO ONE goes home and goes right no bed.
But when you work night, we often do. 
That is probably not so good... I don't know.

Plus the room being dark and quiet and cold is great.
I drive home from my new case facing east.
And the sun will cook you alive.

It helps to stay up a bit on nights off...
So you are not always flipping your days and nights.

So far - so good!


  1. People sleep better covered in paisley.... little known fact!

  2. Now I know about the paisley. The things you learn on the 'net. So exciting. I LOVE molasses. I don't think I have bought any in a million years as I would just spoon it all up! I have never worked nights, and hope I never have to.

    1. It made a world of difference when I stopped sleeping in my scrubs on top of the covers - sideways at the foot of the bed.... imagine that!

  3. Forgive this newbie low-carber the question, but isn't molasses pretty much pure sugar?

    1. Sherri - Sure - but a little goes a long ways, as they say...
      AND I am not in love with Splenda Brown sugar for baking.
      Imagine a spoon full of molasses in a whole crock pot of pulled pork, or something like that. Might be a good sub for Sugar-Free BBQ sauce... when used just right!
      PLUS - I am giving cooking lessons and my student (who is quite excellent, by the way) Who might be better suited for Paleo than for Zero Carb... so some of these subs and modifications are for her and those whom she feeds

  4. I love your "day in the life" posts!!!

    1. Thanks! The more I blog, the better I do. When I slack off in my blogging, you can guess I am off in a dark place somewhere, eating crumbs of cake...and being sad...
      [Who me? Never!!!! lol]

  5. Your day in the life posts always amuse me, I love them.

  6. I love shopping at night. The stores are quieter and you don't get run over by oblivious customers.

  7. OMG is the recipe for that beef stuff on your webpage ?? It's midnight and I'm hungry !

  8. Keeping shit in the pantry from 2007...
    If what you say is true.. that is just gross


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