15 November 2013

night off

Went to work - saw this
No sirens, no one was around... 
Big huge fire in the apartment dumpster.

Beef, Green Beans, Sour Cream and a bite of Cheese.
When left to my own devices, my diet is 100%..
I need better ways to deal with temptation.
Right now, I just avoid it. That works!

I got it right here!
And I am about to go get some moar.

I like to try to stay up late on my night off....
To keep the rhythm of working days and nights.
My goal is to make curtains to get the room as dark as night.

This first stretch I worked and trained 8 out 9 days.
This new company is hard-core...
A 2 hour interview,  2 hour written test,
And a series of 2 hour Meet and Greets!

When you are talking about little kids,
I guess you can never be too careful.

My ankle is still in too much pain to walk. 
I should have gone to the freaking Doc
Like 4 months ago.
But soon that fitness center is gonna get  a chance 
To help me regain some parts of Health and Fitness!


  1. Anywhere there is a dumpster someone is bound to set it on fire. There are always rowdy kids around somewhere. I know there are special fabrics for blackout curtains. I bought some for the smallest bedroom from Walmart online. I know you want to do your own though. I hope you are able get on your feet soon. I wish you fast healing.

  2. You need to get that ankle checked out, Miss A. It has been sore for a long time. Yippee for a night off!

  3. lolol
    I slept all day Friday!
    I woke up long enough to go to the store and come home and cook some bacon.
    The rest of the day - gone!


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