24 November 2013

the cursed bane of my existence

ugh und blech und blah-ti-blah
ruckus rumpus pahhhh hmmmmph

So I thought -
I had better git it together or move on....
I might still be adjusting to  nights....
Give it some time - how much time?
Meanwhile I want to make sure I give my body every chance.
Right food - Lots of water - Sleep amrap...
(as many rems as possible!)

The worry is what gets me! I am so anxious.
And for no reason. No reason to be worried.
Worry is in the future - and the future is already
MUCH better than the past. So why worry?

Fried Cheese - so simple

Roasted Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar et all
On top of Baked Bacon
[MUCH less mess in the oven]

When I cook for people, they don't know what to do.
It's sometimes overwhelming for them.
It's not just because the food is so good; it is good.
But there's a simpler answer.
They just have never had real (and simple) food!

Dinner tonight

Just in case you missed it -
Here is a close up


  1. Don't worry, be happy, Miss A. Oh my, dinner looks so good!

  2. You always did work nights, Carbie! B/C you were always on call and getting up at the group home. Now you ONLY get to work nights, and you get the whole day off! And sleep like a baby. Put on some music and sleep like a baby

  3. Thanks y'all! Dinner was good.
    And you are right, Anon - I worked my ass off this year... so this is gravy!

    1. AND I just found Pandora... and give it a work out every day and night.
      TONS of relaxing going on here... I need it!


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