19 November 2013

cooking all day

Chuck Roast 

Pulled Pork Shoulder

But they call it Butt -
It was like $1.18 a pound

What ever you call it,
Just don't call me late for dinner -
Bet cha never heard that one, eh?

Onions, Garlic, Molasses, and my Spice Rub:
Onion Powder (not salt,) Garlic Powder (not salt,)
Paprika, hint of Cayenne.
I put it on everything. Even Bacon and Eggs.

And that is it. I added some Beef Broth for liquid.
Sometimes I cook Meats with Red Wine.
Sometimes Chicken Broth and Beef Broth.

General Tso's LC GF Meatballs (link)
MIGHT make this with Chicken next time.

Pulled Pork - falls right off the bone!

5 pounds of meat made 2 of these containers.
Now I know whey it is called "pulled pork"...
You keep pulling and pulling and there is always more meat!

Compare my pulled pork to the dry tasteless cardboard
You can get in the BBQ places - 
Now that I know how to cook the larger cuts of meat,
I might never go back to get take out from there again!
Especially with all the sugars and crud they mix into the rubs.

I am really into cooking for my LC way of eating!

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