12 November 2013

my birthday too, yeah

No one here would believe how much I am into fabric these days.

New Scrubs in every bright color -
So I can sit on dirty boxes like this...

Picking out fabric for drapes and valances...

Home is suddenly so much more important to me now
That is it is not disposable

This Autumn is especially nice
Still have not used the heat or ac!

Oh yes.. my birthday...
I worked all night. And work again tonight.
Can't really bring myself to go to a new job
With a list of demands... 
Still in that "wow" phase where I want to make
A really good impression!

Y'all will have to party without me.
53 candles? Yep indeed!


  1. I got you a dirty box to sit on for your bday; I just left it in that alley by the liquor store. HAPPY DAY!

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful lady!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, girlfriend. Your new place looks so homey. I love the colors. Most of my clothes, even for winter are bright pink. I love it and don't really care if it is in fashion or not. I only have to please myself. I'm sorry you have to work today. Take your next day off to do something special for yourself. Hugs.

  4. I'm mad about fabric too! I've probably got just a little more than you! lol
    I hope you had a nice birthday, even with having to work nights.

  5. Hope the day was fantastic aside from the working part! Wheeeeeeeee!

  6. I wish my 53 looked like your 53. You look fabulous! One last birthday wish today. Party tomorrow! (Hooray for week-long birthday celebrations!)


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