17 November 2013

food food food

Ready for some pulled pork!
LOVE to be cooking again -
My own food on my own schedule.
I can cook all day and not get tired.

And Ox-Tail Stew - 
The key is to prep things one or two days a week...
And keep food ready for when you need it.

And maybe even some of this -

I am showing Sherri some cooking things....
You can't really call them "classes" 
Because after all, she is working on a PhD.
What could I teach her?
Except maybe how to cook a damn good steak...
Paleo style! She still likes some of the carbs.

All kinds of meat this week -
Thanksgiving maybe - the stores are stocked!

Chuck Roast is in right now

Getting really close to mad about these drapes...

Better let the project rest a while....
This is supposed to be fun...
NOT a chore

A panoramic view - the sun, the moon, and Albertson's!
I love my new neighborhood. 
Love it!


  1. What a meat-tastic post! You inspire me all the time, Miss A! Great idea on dropping the drapes for a bit...but I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. You know how to do everything. Love the last pic. Really gorgeous and I am so happy that you love your new neighbourhood!

  2. Some really good grocery prices there. I'm glad you are sounding so upbeat except about the drapes. :)

  3. It's so lovely to see you so happy Chick.

  4. A good haul on meat. I'm a meat lover but it is so hard to leave the potatoes alone.

  5. Hey, you've been working on your blog site - your sidebar has some new stuff on it. Looks good! I'll help you get those drapes wrangled into shape if you'll keep the classes coming. This academic doesn't have a clue when it comes to cooking.


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