02 June 2010

a magic day

The cutest little measuring spoons in the world.
From the Container Store. (link)
I give them as stocking stuffers for Xmas.
They say "drop" "smidge" "pinch" and "hint."

I realized I was getting dehydrated (twice now)
so I crawled to the kitchen and zipped up a little Potassium slurry.

Took the world's hottest (and longest) shower
with Dr Bronner's Magic Soap - peppermint.
Must be. It worked. Like magic, eh?

It's just allergies, but with a vengeance.
That little furrow between a person's eye brows - 
it's a "facial grimace" and seems to be an almost 
reflexive response to pain. Aka: headache.
I had allergies in the Army, which I had forgotten all about.
They said it was either exercise-induced asthma
or I was just out-of-shape. Or both.
Perhaps it was both this time, as well.
Did you see "Big Momma's House" when Martin Lawrence says
"Oh - I could never forget that ass...(what?) ...ma!

Truth in advertising?

The quintessential "5 pounds of fat"  allegory

Fun for nerds: the etymology of the word "quintessential":
 is quinte essence, quinta essentia, literally, fifth essence!

I once took a Sabbatical from Nursing. I read the dictionary.
[Also the Septuagint - I'm trying to not call it the "Old Testament"
because that implies "New."]
I really like to learn what words mean, and their origin.

Monster LoCarb Energy Drink w/egg white protein
Coffee w/cream 
Powerade Zero
Tried to eat half a hamburger - but no - it was not meant to be
Half an Atkin's bar
Sudafed and Advil - 
Off today - going to see "Ave Q"
Off to find a handy-dandy mast-cell inhibitor (allergy medicine)
More magic, I'm sure.
Do not start with your magician's tricks young Moses! I am Pharaoh
And thanks, everyone who stopped by to wish me well yesterday.
I read a little online - I googled my own name.  
It appeared in some blog I've never heard of.
I spent some 3 hours reading all about it.
Oh what a tangled web we weave!
That's what sucks air... to find out the hard way
that you think it's one thing, but it's really something else.


  1. Those spoons are precious! Glad you are feeling better and I look forward to your review of Avenue Q!

    Do you suppose your country time caused your flare up? Are you allergic to donkeys?

  2. In the past, the only thing that could ever stop me was a "triple storm."
    I'm too strong to be stopped by just one variable.
    So yeah, maybe the combination approach was just too much.

  3. Lovin' the spoonfuls. :)

    Sorry about the raging allergies. They do suck. I've googled my name too. Apprently there is more than one of me and I come in various ages. Interesting.

  4. poor Anne.. i hear ya on the allergies. I take Tylenol or Advil cold n sinus.. and sleep in really cold A/C..

    stay away from the interweb when you're bored.. it's evil. :)

    from my understanding.. the Septaguint is the greek translation of the Hebrew bible.. a more literal translation of the "OT" would be the books of the law and the prophets??

  5. I Googled my own name once. It wasn't pretty...

  6. The five pounds of fat is pretty yucky. I can sympathize with the allergies. Me too.

  7. Weird how allergies can come & go & come back again. Last year when I first started bike riding, I had horrible allergies. My eyes would weep and my nose - OY! I tried everything but it only reduced the symptoms minimally. But I kept riding. This year, just a few sneezes now & then. Weird. I'd forgotten about that soap. Sounds refreshing.

    Hopefully, this bout of allergies will pass soon & not ever come back.

  8. I've googled my name before, I found myself (the real me) listed on my University's site and didn't even know I was there. Plus others that don't apply- always a fun search!

  9. Allergies suck!!
    Love those measuring spoons, that's pretty much how i cook. Jen will say what did you put in this and honestly i don't know. A pinch of this and that :)

  10. Love those spoons. I have a set too-- they make me smile.

    Hope you are feeling great for the show tonight-- I hear it's wonderful. Can't wait to hear all about it.


  11. Glad to hear your are feeling better! Dang allergies!

    I just love itty bitty things :)

  12. Love the spoons....the fat is yucky..... going forward to see how the show was....:-) Hugs

  13. Ok...those spoons look very pharmacological...or for cocaine...LOL...use them wisely!

  14. Nah - it's always cut so bad ya need a much bigger spoon.....
    I'm told.....or so I'm told.....


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