22 June 2010

attache ta tuque

"hold on to your hat..."

Ronald looks like he is in pane (pain.)
It must be the Grimace!

This hot mess looks almost alive!
This is why I usually wait to eat until I get home....
Snacks work much better while driving.

Your local visiting rooster and company.
Where's the Corn Flakes?

Another kind of hot mess.....
A little dehydrated, and an all-day headache.

Got Ants?  
The kind in the pants, 
or the kind that go marching one by one?

Admitting it is the first step.....
...to having a crush on Texas!

Me and my tuque...
*not to be confused with "tuckus!"*
Posing on the hottest day of the summer, so far!

Monster LoCarb Energy Drink w/protein
Atkins bar
Snack pack of mixed nuts
Angus Mickey D no bun
Coffee, water,
never enough water....about two quartz low.
7,500 steps at work...
I need more workouts - to sleep better at night.
Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean I can't do something!
I put myself back in the desert metaphysically.  I chose it again. And again.
Like in a TCM movie where some dude joins the French Foreign Legion.
All you get is hot, in the desert.
My spiritual advisor once said the best thing to do with a desert is to leave!
And I will - right after I check out my latest mirage...
This just in.....
Via email. Just passing it along. 
Thanks, Michele!

A YouTube video
Be safe, where ever you go
Hope you are truly loving your life today!


  1. What a powerful video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved the video.

    I don't think you ate very much today sweetie, perhaps it was too hot to eat.....:-) hugs

  3. I am not watching the video...I don't feel like crying right now and if it made you cry, it will probably make me cry too.

    Nice lid!

    Love the bunny pic. So cute and cuddly looking.

  4. Sorry about the headache. I don't want to say it to loud, but mine haven't been so bad lately.

    Only you could find 2 Ants pictures. Weird, right?

    Get hydrated

  5. I loved the video, too.
    I couldn't stop crying!
    The good kind of crying!
    Musta needed the release.

    The headache I've had on and off for 5 years.
    Most on. I didn't have it last year. :)
    But it came back. :(

    I got way too hot today....
    Came home and went right to bed -
    After I drank some water, that is!

  6. I'm glad you're drinking some water.

    Love the tuque. You wear it well (as Rod says). Is that French for hat?

  7. French?
    No, I think it's strictly a Canadian word, eh?

  8. You ALWAYS make me smile.

    That video is very powerful, thank you.

    Get drinking my girl!!

  9. loved the video, I don't know if I could go to a Mickey D's and not flip out... Big Mac attack that is

  10. I was thinking the same, I could not go to Mickey D's and not get a McFlurry especially on such a hot day. keep drinking your water Ann and I hope your headache eases up for you. take care.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always rack up a bunch of steps on my pedometer when I go to Wal Mart too.
    Less of Me

  12. sorry, that burger looks disgusting.

    the bunny however, is tres cute.

    I'm guessing that the whomever that thought you were Canadian, didn't hear your sweet Texas drawl. Too funny!

    Love that ad, have seen it several times before.

    Glad you're getting release. My headache has just begun.. it's gonna be a rough two days.. i can see it.


  13. That's a really cool video. I have been having back spasms and hubby looked online and one reason is dehydrated. Duh. I am drinking lots of water today!

  14. Why do we make ourselves thirsty before we 'hear' that we are thirsting? Women seem to have the trouble with that more than men...why do you suppose?

    Perhaps it's because peeing is so much more of a hassle for us?

  15. Water is usually the answer for me too. I can feel it in my body wen I'm low".

    That is an awesome video-- I hadn't seen it before but I hope more people see it and share it.

    Thanks Anne. Hope the heat gives you a break and the same with the headache.

    Feel good, jj

  16. I don't remember dropping acid as a kid...then again, I'd likely freak out looking at that McDees mural...scary.


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