02 June 2010

it sucks to be me ♫♪♬

Ave Q - went to the matinee today

At the beautiful, new Winspear Opera House

It was just wonderful to get away from all the angst,
 and get lost in a first-class production.
My clothes are so big - even the new ones.

If anyone ever read my blog, I once lip-sinked a video
from Ave Q. That was back in February.
I've lost weight even from then. 

"It Sucks To Be Me" is the title of a song in "Ave Q"
I told my boss it's like carbs for me.
Some people can eat carbs.
No problem.
I myself cannot - at least right now, I cannot.
I can, but the effect is detrimental.
So what is left to do, but leave it alone.
Just for now, I have to leave it all alone.
Not that I want to. I have to. *sigh*

Monster Milk Protein Drink
Monster Monster LoCarb Energy Drink
Kate Monster from Ave Q would be proud
Coffee w cream, hot tea
Mixed plain greek yogurt with cottage cheese...It was good!
Brisket w/sf bbq sauce and roasted tomatoes w/onions


  1. Gosh darn it you are one funny lady! Love your dimples...looks like a great show. If it ever comes closer to me than Ottawa, I will check it out.

  2. :)
    Gay muppets singing about their Canadian girlfriend!
    Who could ask for more.

  3. Looks like it would be a blast!! Good for you on doing something that will make you smile :)

  4. I am a Canadian girlfriend!!!

  5. So glad you enjoyed the show, please tell me you went with a friend.....art, plays and shows should be shared, well at least I think so, enjoyed the video.........:-) Hugs

  6. Sunny day...keeping those...clouds away!

  7. Man, I've always wanted to go to that. Way jealous! Of the show and of your SF BBQ sauce :(

  8. You are a star !

    love always xxoxo

  9. :o) Glad you could 'escape' for a while.

  10. Hey, maybe I would lose some weight if the amount of food on my plate was such an eensy teensy bit like on your plate. What do you think?

  11. That's not my intention - just my outcome!
    It's really a small plate with alot of food.
    Ate everything but the flowers.

  12. What a great treat for yourself. :D The show. we do what we have to. There are things I can't eat. Make peace with it and focus on the wonderful bounty you can eat.

  13. I've heard wonderful things about Ave Q. Want to go when it arrives here in the sticks. BTW, the brisket looks wonderful. Yum.

  14. Mary - I wasn't talking about food.....


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