09 June 2010

fast as wheels can turn

Another day, another McVenture

By the Dallas Zoo

A security guard/ bouncer guy lets you in
if  - and only if - you are a friend of Ronald's.
And oh yeah, he's armed....

Add Wi-Fi and you have an internet chaat cafe

But honey, it was YOUR turn to water the lawn...

A lovely snack -  lime and hot peanuts with cheese
And a XXAP protein drink

A traffic jam near Cow Town

Kyle's office iPhone plays "All You Need Is Love"
another good sign!

This seems to be my 
"What Ever Happened To Baby Jane" bra.
18 hours -  my ass!

All's well that ends well

Everything But The Girl
"Driving" (acoustic)
YouTube video

Monster w/ concentrated whey protein
XXAP "designer whey" protein
Cheese and peanuts
Atkins bar (my favourite meal-replacement bar)
Hamburger no bun
2 liters fizzy water
Coffee w/cream
Made some tea - didn't drink it


  1. You had me at 'lime and hot peanuts'

  2. I can't imagine anyone being offended like that and if they are they can just delete you know :) I can't believe you wasted tea though!! Now that is a crime :)

  3. Did the traffic jam stink?

  4. It's what caused the deleting that I am sorry for...

  5. Anne with your heart I can not see how you could offend anyone, you have been nothing but inspiring, kind and supportive and funny. Chin up Anne and know you are loved. From your Canadian friend, hugs hey.

  6. Anne, I think you're a beautiful person. I'm sorry if you are going through any strife. WIsh I could give you a hug and a RedLine. OMG, I tried one of those recently. They really work!

    I wish you peace and love and all happy things. :)

  7. Dear Anne
    Sometimes the truth hurts, even when delivered in the nicest possible way...I can only imagine that you were being your usual nice self but telling the truth, and someone got offended.

    I know that whatever comments you may make on MY blog are meant to be helpful and I will take them in the spirit in which I know you meant them...you have a keen insight and ability to see what I sometimes cannot see myself. In other words, Please..."Give me the Truth! I can handle the Truth!"

    Take care :-)

  8. I think I would starve if that is all I ate in a day. Seriously.

  9. Offended by you? I can't imagine that.

    The facade of the McD's is offensive.

    I like the texture on your traffic jam pic. It'd be good for spaceships. Want to share?

  10. Hoo-wee! That must've been a stinky traffic jam.

    Take care, Anne.

  11. I love that you reported that you made some tea but didn't drink it. hehe :)

  12. Offensive? You? Are you sure you offended someone? Perhaps they were being overly sensitive like I was yesterday when I screamed "you f@cking suck!!!" at the Fed-Ex employee yesterday.

    None of us are perfect and if you did offend someone, it likely wasn't intended. I love to read your blog. You find the funny in everything.

  13. Love to you too Anne.

    What kind of Texan are you? Made tea but didn't drink it? I'm hoping it was that nasty hot tea variety.

  14. Did you spend much time in their Chaat Rooms?

  15. The minute I clicked "go" on this post,
    I looked out into the parking lot
    to see my truck getting repo'd.
    There went my life.
    Stolen. Film at eleven.


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