25 June 2010

a long day

The local 7-11 has cheese and hard boiled eggs.
And fruit and stuff....
My numbers are usually good -
even with all the caffeine
I won't say the scrubs are tight....
But they are not as loose as they were last week...
Over 13,000 steps today at work
And I'm not done yet!
Can you see the guy walking around in the street?
Egg protein, Atkins bar (which was yukky and I didn't finish)
Cheese, Monster drink, and water all day!
And since I worked so many hours,
I had a hamburger with no bun.
Imagine that!

I am off on Saturday and will be cleaning
And doing laundry. Yay!
I'm happy to do these "mundane" chores.
I think it's part of my work to stay "grounded."

I hope your weekend is just wonderful!
Peace - out!


  1. I drove about 200 miles today.
    Driving and listening to "Wicked"
    How great is that.
    Now I want to go see it.
    In New York.
    Wanna meet me there?

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, yourself!

    7-11 really has come a long way from over-cooked hot dogs and Slurpees. There is real food there, if you need it.

  3. what is fandanglled thing-a-ma-bob on your wrist?

  4. Karla - that is my blood pressure cuff-
    My blood pressure is 109/72
    And my pulse is 67!
    So I'm ok, even with the (somewhat) large
    amounts of caffeine I take every day.

  5. Maybe last week the scrubs were new and have been in the washer and dryer since then and they have shrunk a little? Hmmm? We have a wrist blood pressure cuff and check it often. I am on high blood pressure meds. I like hard cooked eggs too but have switched to Egg Beaters to get cholesterol down. Darn.

  6. what was the street guy doing? proselytizing the traffic jammers?

    have a fab weekend, Anne! i'm doing the mundane too. :)

  7. Was that guy walking around in the street going car to car looking for Egg protein? You could have hooked him up.

  8. When are we meeting? I could go for seeing Wicked.

    Love the BP and pulse. You are a machine!

    Enjoy your housework!


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