15 June 2010


It's perfect weather for a truck ride together with you ♫♪♫

All I wanna do is to thank you, even though I don't know who you are
You let me change lanes, while I was driving in my car ♪♫♬

Not too hot for me

Your wife really IS hot, though, maybe

I've got to think - do I know these people?

Named after the wonderful Clara Barton?

I kid, I kid!

New office post-it notes

Before I got bit by a wee, little, little dog....
...with razor sharp teeth! (about 1,000 of them)
I still have chills on both arms

Monster no protein today
(...just one for the entire day)
Coffee no cream today
(...again, just one in the morning)

Water no food today
One bite of cottage cheese to take Advil with
And off to bed I go today
Oh, and I almost forgot - 9972 steps at work today!
Thanks for reading - hope your day is awesome today!


  1. Anne are you okay, you did not let us know if you were hurt or not my friend. I hope you are okay and your right ann is awesome.

  2. Ouch! Those damn little dogs have their nerve!

    This is not good, Anne. You need food!

    And Anne, you are Awesome!!

  3. Oh, yeah, I am fine.....thanks!

    The little doggie was just being a little possessive
    and territorial.... I thought I had gotten stung by a bee
    until I saw a pup at my feet. (Oh, yeah, and the blood!)

    And I tried a day of fasting - I feel real, real good right now.
    No worries, eh?

  4. Well i'm glad your o.k :) And i'm so glad your feeling good!!

  5. I'm not a fan of the fasting....and Ann(e) is Awesome.

    Loved the post its!

  6. Ouch, so sorry you got bit by a dog! What do you do for a living anyway? I'm new to the blog. I'm gathering that you're a nurse...but what's w/ the traveling? lol

  7. glad you are okay, fasting WOW you have some willpower, I couldn't make it until lunch!!

  8. I am no faster...I shake and get sick when I don't eat very regularly.

    Boo to dog bites. That really sucks and I hope you are okay.

    Where can I get these post-it notes?

  9. Holy smokes, did you follow the M van to mecca? Remember a few years ago when Texas Coca~Cola had the "follow me to Coca~Cola, Texas" campaign? Follow van to Monster,Texas.. it might lead to your icebox.

  10. Yes Anne is awesome.....glad you are doing so well but sorry about the dog bite....big hugs my friend.......:-)

  11. Glad you are ok. I wish I could fast but just get too hungry!!

  12. Nearly 10,000 steps, makes me out of breath. Those post-it notes are great, gotta get some of those.

  13. Dang dog :-( I hate when that happens.

    I would crack up if I was driving behind you-- One hand on the steering wheel the other on the camera! You are good! I'd be driving in circles all day trying to get one shot!

    Keep feeling good.

  14. When the dog bites,
    When the B stings,
    When I'm feeling fat
    I simply remember my favourite things
    And then I don't feel so blechhh....

    I woke up and ended the fast with "breakfast"
    of cottage cheese and a few unsalted pistachios...
    In shells so it took a while!

    Hi Mae Flowers -
    I am a Hospice Nurse - I either do bedside nursing,
    or in this case, I drive from patient to patient for visits.

    Ya'll can ask me anything! I love it!
    (Or is that "y'all" - the jury is still out on that one)

  15. seriously? you can hold that in front of the cakehole and not shoveth in?

    thats some willpower woman :)

    glad youre ok.


  16. Not a temptation at all....I'm not
    tempted to lick the icing from my fingers!
    In the Hospice industry,
    I am around cake and "treats" every day...
    And every time I just say "No, thank you"

    If people insist, I tell them I am diabetic
    and I cannot have it.
    That avoids any hurt feelings!
    If I tell them I am on this LoCarb diet,
    and I've lost like 75 pounds this year,
    They want to get me to eat the cake all the more.

    I think, they think they are helping me.
    All fat girls want cake, right?
    What's a little cheat going to hurt.
    "Again with the cake?"

  17. Little dogs can bite can't they? You are so good with the one handed camera flash thingy.

  18. Yep, a dog bite really "bites"!! Had one years ago and had to re-up my shots. So I got "bit" twice. UGH!

    See, I told you eating nuts in the shell would slow you down. :)

  19. I'm glad I read your comments because I was just about to ask you about your eats....or the lack of the eats. :)

    Love the Post it notes! LOL XD

    I also love seeing the world through your eyes. :)

  20. Love the stickers too. Where the F can I buy them?

    You do get I'm trying to be funny...I should never try and keep up with you.

    But it's fun to try.


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