08 June 2010


"Erection Specialist"
That's what it says.

A traffic jam on Coit -
Coitus Interruptus?
(medical humour?)

Found this by my truck the other morning

I think it's a good sign, don't you?

A little warmish here,
like in the doldrums.
Which is an actual place on the globe...

Vehicle stops and backs frequently - indeed!
"Waist Management" Vehicle

Doing OK
Thank you for asking after me.
Not in the doldrums per se... Just very tired as of late.
I thought last summer would be boring,
And this summer I'd have more energy!
Well, there ya go, then.

Monster w/protein
2 eggs for dinner- scrambled, no cheese
Cashews for lunch w/Zero Impact Hi Protein Bar
The B vitamins are great -
Loving the CO2 thingy


And this Pumpkin Supreme Zero Impact and
Peanut Butter and Jelly Zero Impact bar.
Had half of each flavour, as a snack.
It was ok....will have half of each, for later....

I've learned to respect my body's need for protein.
When I need a snack, I try to make it protein.
I don't even try to limit it - when I'm really, really hungry.

I hope your week is going great - I want all the people to be happy!
I want You to be happy.


  1. Hey Anne, That peace sign on your shadow is fabulous!

    You get the greatest pictures when you're driving. That boat, or rather the 3 engines, is insane!

    Keep having a good week!

  2. I love the peace sign! Definitely a good sign. That heat sounds intense. Try to stay cool.

  3. I want you to be happy, too! :)

  4. I know - this need not be!
    I want peace - but not the kind that comes from boredom!
    (Or collapse!)

  5. Love the peace symbol. :o) Am still smirking at the 'erection specialist' lorry sign... (How childish am I?!)

  6. Whatever you've got i think i've caught it!

  7. That boat should definitely have enough power. That's what you need. Get your motor going.

  8. so those Red Line's messed you up? too much jolt? I feel anxious enough without energy drink's I would be a maniac with them!! yeah an apple and a vitatop are thesame, crazy huh??

  9. What's the best protein bar you've found thus far? I'm afraid to try any of them because I'm eating very low carb, and I LOVE the way I feel. But...cooking meat gets inconvenient at times, and protein shakes only go so far. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Be well in peace!


  10. Just 300hp isn't enough??? Everything must be faster in Texas, too...not just bigger. :) Our heat is coming soon, so I can sympathize with you and the 97ยบ!! Ain't humidity grand?

  11. you always have the cutest signs!

  12. What beautiful weather you are having, a bit of envy here....still smiling at those signs, love the peace sign. Wishing you much love, happiness and lots to do (I don't want you getting bored)......:-) Hugs

  13. LOL You find the best signs. Wow, that's hot. Nowhere near that hot here yet. Thank goodness. We hit hi 70's today, but it feels hot to me. LOL

  14. Oh, I was also going to say ... Did you ever read *The Phantom Toll Booth*? It had a place called the Doldrums.

  15. Erection specialist...hahaha!

    I think if I lived there I could sit outside and my weight would just melt off.

    Peace be with you!

  16. You write the cutest posts. I have to read them several times to get all the humor, because I don't want to miss anything! :)

    P.S. "Flotsam and Jetsam"...hey, you are lucky I didn't also use the word "detritus!" Ha ha.

  17. Anne, its cold up here, 97 degrees I would melt....love your post, don't want you bored. what is this Co2 thingy your talking about. I am going to have to catch up on you while I was gone. take care. hope you feel better soon.

  18. 900hp of motors for that boat? I think someone is compensating...ya think?


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