14 June 2010

walking after midnight

My pedometer came from Brookstone 
It has a 7 day memory and calculates everything.
Steps, miles, calories, "g" reading -  what ever that is.
Built in accelerometer... accurate in 3 planes

The Durango and I are getting along famously
What's not to like?

But I was up to my old tricks in chapters 4, 5, and 6
(from Elvis Costello: "Every Day I Write The Blog Book")

Which goes first? Red-orange or orange-red?
Did you keep your Crayola Box in order?

VPX Protein Rush Drink 
With 48 Grams of designer protein
Made by the same people who make 
Redline Energy Drinks and Zero Impact Bars

Yesterday I mentioned my hair grows thick and fast.
Today I noticed my nails do to.
Must be the protein!

Came home last night and my front door was wide open.
But it's ok - I live in a good neighborhood.
I should! This is one of my neighbors!

Monster w/protein
Protein drink
Fizzy water 2 liters
Coffee w/cream x2
Atkins Bar
Hard-Boiled Egg
Cottage Cheese
Hamburger patty - it was just not good - didn't finish it

So many cashews - I don't ever want to see another cashew again!
...until next time, that is!  I had 2 or 3 servings. (More like 3, I would say.)
Cashews are my "problem child"...
One serving is one ounce or about 30 grams...plus all that sodium....yuk!

 click the pic!

A screen shot, and a link to Nutritional Data.com
Even with the cashew overdose, it's still within an acceptable range, 
but I wouldn't recommend it... it's never worth it.
The only thing I've ever over-indulged on (since going LoCarb)
has been cashews - my only craving! Other than caffeine.
How can I complain about other people's behaviour when I
myself am my own worst enemy?! Phooey on cashews!
7800 steps at work....no post-work work-out post tonight!

Hope you are having a good week...  a really great week!


  1. Well there you have it , cashews are the worst thing for me. and I can not stop eating them, so I do not buy them anymore. you do live in a good neighborhood. be well. take care.

  2. A simple answer to a hard question.
    Just don't buy them in the first place.
    Don't take them to your house.

    It works for food. Not so much with people.
    You can't always avoid them.

  3. omg i just LOVE your boss.. { she`s an angel and no mistake}.....big hugs to you xoxoxoo

  4. I love your neighbors.
    why would I find the fact she lives next door totally comforting as well.


  5. If cashews are the worst thing you ate- I'd say you're ok. ;)

  6. Would love to have your neighbours! (cdn spelling)
    cashews i like but would be no big deal, but chocolate :)

  7. That is a serious pedometer; perfect for someone who is obviously serious about being healthy.

  8. Umm, cashews. Even saying the word makes me drool. Husband eats them by the handful, of course, no weight problem there. I love the macadamias. I also love you and want to be like you when I grow up!

  9. Continuing to think good car(ma) thought for you! Seems like three of my peeps are having transport issues these days.

    I can't keep more than a single serving of some things around - cashews being one of them. I nearly founder when I have too much access. If you only had three servings, in my book, you showed remarkable restraint.

  10. I realized I was heading for a mini-binge
    so I walked away and didn't finish them off...
    I usually get them in a single-serving package but.....
    Now my hand pulls back automatically
    when I see the can on the counter-top....
    Pavlov at it's best!

  11. Nice neighbor. Do you use the pedometer when you are exercising?

  12. TechnoBabe
    Yes - I wear it all the time.
    It was a gift! And I love it so.
    It's on a lanyard - in almost all the pics of me.

  13. I have to stay away from most kinds of nuts... To me, a 'serving' is about 10 ounces.... :o( (Can't stop once I start!)

  14. Nuts are like the old Lays Potato Chip commercial that said "Betcha Can't Eat Just One". I portion them out, and so far that's working. Also read that buying pistachios and peanuts in the shell slows down your eating. Really??

    I've been gone a few days, but I was saddened that you had to write an apology of sorts. I cannot begin to imagine you offending anyone, in a blog or in real life. Just my $.02 worth. Love Ya!!

  15. Your front door was wide open!?!?!?!?!? Yikes. I'm glad you have good neighbors and live in a good neighborhood. And, by the way, that sounds like something I'd do :-)

    Step away from the nuts.......

    xo jj

  16. Mmmm, me lurves Elvis C. His voice makes me melt. Husband knows I would wrap myself around Elvis' leg and just listen to him sing until I faded into nothing. :D

    You're looking happier in your pictures lately. I'm glad to see you all shiny and bright.

  17. cashews are my favorite, my problem is once I start eating them I don't stop until they are all gone.
    So glad your neighbourhood is safe, but I still would feel better if you closed and locked the door.......:-) Hugs

  18. Yep - that's me, alright.
    Look up "shiny and bright" in the dictionary -
    It will no doubt say - "see anne h..."

    I'm with you about the door -
    I'm still not sure there's a cat or goat or something in here...

  19. It might be funny to find a goat in the house. Nice neighbour!

  20. I obsessively organize my pens/felts/pencil crayons in order of colour/size/whatever. I despise writing with pens that do not have lids stuck on the other end, and I insist on lining up the lid with the writing in the barrel.

    I would say red-orange first, then orange-red, because that's the way the rainbow does it.

  21. Thanks for great idea of putting my pedometer on lanyard...never gave that a thought. I work @ Kohls.com eCommerce center...walk 15,000 to 20,000 step/8 hours. Of course I only work 2/days/week....enough for 62 yo woman!! I admire your persistence in low carbing... I just seem to fall off waaaay tooo much...have no idea how to correct that. Love Food... Weak... But I do keep plugging away. Oh... and I absolutely love my Durango!! Keep up the good work and wonderful inspiration!!



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