20 June 2010

that's what SHE said

What's a few pounds here or there? (Mar 09)
Would somebody put the poor thing out of her misery?
This was after 30 + pounds weight loss.... yikes! (July 09)
At least my heart is in "the right place" (Oct 09)
Birds are heavier than they look, eh? (Oct 09)
You've gained weight?
No...uh...no, not really...
Oh? I hadn't noticed. (Aug 08)

Monster w/protein
Water, coffee
2 HB eggs
Atkins bar, of course
Hamburger patty w/ Heinz 57 and sour cream
8,000 steps at work....
(I worked half a day)
Hope you are having a perfect day!


  1. A year makes a lot of difference! :) I love the that's what she said title. hehe :)

  2. Oh my goodness at work the kids are always saying "that's what she said" :) Makes me laugh.
    You have come so far and the amount of strength and tenacity you have shown is amazing!!

  3. You've turned back the clock, Anne H. You look great!

  4. Any strength I had, I borrowed from my blogging friends!
    Thank you all for being part of my life for the past year!
    It's never really just about the weight, is it?

  5. You look happy and healthy and so darn cute these days.

  6. I agree with Roxie. You look so young now! And cute too. Your spirit shines through.

  7. OMG Girl you have come a long way, Congratulations, you are a STAR..

    Thank you for the hotel hint, we are staying at an extended stay hotel when we arrive in Boston:)
    I am going to look for similar hotels when we have decided on our route.

    Thank you for being a great friend, you ALWAYS make me smile,,xxx



  8. I always loves seeing all these pics of you for comparison. You are a weight loss champion!

  9. Hehe
    That's what SHE said!

    There are a few pics that were too
    reprehensible to post on my blog...
    So here they are.... on my blog!
    Go figure, eh?

  10. wow Anne... just wow.

    :) you look fantabulous. :)

  11. You look like a kid. I would have to card you if you tried to buy beer. No, Seriously!

    Looking Great....

  12. Looks like you are loving life! YEAH!
    xo jj

  13. You do fabulous, and we are all so proud of you. Don't ever lose that great sense of humor, you make so many of us smile. Yeah for you.

  14. *Love the photos Anne!!!!* funny commentary. You look fantastic!

  15. What a tremendous transformation...and you were always worth the effort, too.


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