04 June 2010


Six Flags Over Texas, in Arlington
(cell phone pics from the window of the truck - again)

The Mid Cities have alot going on... sports... entertainment...
Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Mavericks, Stars....

Believe It Or Not, Wax Museum...
Almost anything you could want is in DFW

And gambling and horse races

Not to mention Art Galleries and Museums, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra,
(say "hello" to my first percussion instructor while you're there)
Dance, Ballet, the Arboretum, Ft Worth Zoo...
...the list is too long to put in one place

I think I won - or lost
(inside a retirement center - waiting for the ambulance -
 and the second part of the day to start - at 5 pm!)

Diet Hansen's Soda.  Plus, tips have improved at the dancing gig - 
Must be the DMAE

The view into Downtown Dallas

Westmoreland and Oak Cliff - O
A popular name for Oak Cliff, because when you tell
people you are from Oak Cliff, they always say "Oh!"

The "beautified," re-re-gentrification of Grand Prairie

WTH is this? What's it for?

The truest sign yet...This is right down the street from "Rong Way"
At least it's a work in progress, so there is some hope!
If you know where to look for it, that is...

Drove and drove and drove
Glad I like to drive!
No music - no radio - just thinking.

These Diet Hansen's are good 
No Hansen's Disease....hmmph...
Monster w/protein
Starbucks coffee w/ cream
A melted Atkins bar - didn't finish it
I'm certain I ate more - something - 
But I can't remember what
Might have been another Atkins bar

Very long day.... plotting my future
Off to bed to stare at the ceiling for hours
(Turned out to be not too many hours!)
Thank you very much - hope your day is great!


  1. A day of patient care.
    I haven't worked my own job in so long,
    my own people didn't know me.
    Thought I was new. Tried to tell me how to do my job!

    Too hot to eat much.
    Drove about 300 miles the past 2 days.
    Nothing but driving some days.
    I could have driven to Canada and back by now.

  2. Glad to see the tips are improving. If you would have driven to Canada tonight you could have come to spa night with us. Maybe next month.

  3. Hey you could have come to Canada and made more tips :)
    What did they say when they realized you weren't new??
    Mini golf=awesome!!

  4. I love that you can see beautiful things in your everyday life, which makes me look around me more and wonder, what did, er am I missing right here??!!

  5. hey chickadee sounds like your tired, will be back soon, thinkin of you,ALL the best

  6. Hey your always welcome in Canada, you certainly wouldn't find it too hot right now.
    That golf club doesn't look real comfortable in your hand....LOL
    I hope you get a good nights sleep, rest tomorrow and have a wonderful weekend....:-)Hugs

  7. Hope you wake up to another great day (and good tips :-)) May daughter used to live in Oak Cliff; she called it "The O C" cuz she's trendy like that.

  8. I saw a really old-fashioned, British Telecom red telephone box in a village the other day - instantly overwhelmed with nostalgia!


  9. Plotting your future?
    I don't diet drinks. The sugar substitutes are not good for me. Terrible side effects.

  10. I love those diet Hansen's sodas, but they're a little pricey!

  11. Yes, they are good and pricey, and hard to find -
    It's part of my Monster Reduction plan...
    (Or was that Re-Dux-ion?) As in Re Dux...

    And the best tip: when in Grand Prairie, at the horse races....
    "Don't bet on the ponies...."

  12. Hi Anne - great pics. Loved the pic of the phone thingy...omg, I can't even remember what they're called. A 'phone booth'? Cashews. You had me at cashews.

  13. Yes, turns out this is the week of my Mother's birthday.
    Can't disrespect that. That would be just plain wrong.


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