24 June 2010

ask me anything

Is it life, or is it art?

A hazy rainy day

He's tormenting me!

A birdie tried to get in my truck!
That's a good sign, right?
See her underneath?

Posing.... transposing....

A little relief from the heat - but not nearly enough!

Monster w/ egg protein
Some peanuts
Coffee w/ cream
To bed early
8,000 steps at work
Ask me anything....
Tell me anything....
I am here, even if you just want to chat!
It's all good here in Dallas, Texas! ☺
We can get through this, you know.

Daniel Bedingfield
Gotta Get Through This


  1. What made you want to be a nurse? Specifically, a hospice nurse? Do you have a set work schedule? What are your hobbies when not working? Have you ever roller skated with a buffalo herd?

  2. Hospice Nurse - After I had a near death experience,
    I knew there was nothing to fear.
    My hobbies include blogging and world peace!
    And no about the skating - are you asking? ;)
    I gladly accept!

  3. What's your middle name!!
    What's the first thing you drink/eat in the am??
    If you could take an hour to totally relax what would you do??
    Where do you get your great sense of humor from??

  4. I do not have a middle name!
    Coffee w/cream and a guarana (and a sudafed)
    Relax? What is that? :)
    My sense of humour - from my mum!

  5. What happened during your near death experience?

  6. Kinda like on tv - I "floated up" to the ceiling
    and saw myself on the floor...
    And for a moment in time, I knew "everything."
    It was very peaceful and loving.

  7. When is your birthday?

  8. 12 Nov 1960
    Which makes me gonna be 50!

  9. :) your one year older than i am!!

  10. :)

  11. I don't get called that very often!

  12. Chalk it up to the experience and wisdom of age!
    Yeah, right!

  13. Thanks - I don't get called that very often!

  14. if you could go back and change one pivotal moment in your life knowing what you know now, would you?

  15. I don't know when the error occurred,
    but it has something to do with this blog!
    Perhaps this very moment?

  16. Who would you want to have with you on a cross country drive; Eeyore or Tigger?

  17. What are your top five places to visit?
    What carb do you miss most?
    Would you rather bungee (sp?) jump or zip line?
    ..that's all I got. ;)

  18. What's your idea of a perfect day?

    (Hope you're having one.)


  19. Oh Anne, I am one who totally believes in NDE's although I haven't had one. I love the thought of them and hopefully, God willing I will experience what you have.

    I want you to eat more sweetie, I don't think you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need....I know what you are thinking, what do I know.....I'm not a nurse....I only know I care about you and want you healthy and happy.
    Big Hugs.....:-) Hugs

  20. Patrick - Put a Tigger in your tank!

    Tallens - I loved Canada!
    And I loved California. And I Frankfurt, Germany.
    Zip Line rather than bungee jump any day.

    JJ - A perfect day? One like the day I had in California,
    on the day I met you! I love to drive and meet people.

    Bernie - You are right.... I do need to eat more.
    Sometimes I am not hungry. Like today.
    I was just too hot to eat. And I was too busy.

    Hey, this is fun!

  21. I *heart* Anne. :)

    Oh, a question, hmm, do you still know everything or did you forget when you recovered? What is it that left you knowing that you did know?

  22. ~Oct ~
    I KNEW you were going to ask me that!

  23. I was wondering about eating enough too, like Bernie and I care about your health too. I like the look on your face as you look in the mirror seeing the results of the hard work to lose the weight. Hugs to you.

  24. Thanks for answering my question about near death Anne. Being an ANONYMOUS I sometimes feel left out of the mix. But your answer made me feel included. I sometimes wish I felt some certainty, about anything. Most of the time, though, I'm okay knowing nuthin.

  25. And hugs to you, TechnoBabe!

    Anonymous, you should make up a name or something
    so people don't think I am posting these tidbits myself!

    What fun was this "ask me anything"!
    Thanks, ya'll for playing along.


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