22 June 2010


Summertime, and the living is easy,
(on the ever-popular recumbent bike.
"Laid back," at least.)

Catfish are jumping
(to get away from this guy)

And the cotton-tails are....
(...hiding from the summer heat)

Oh, your daddy's rich
(must be - to afford to live here)

And that's a mighty good looking sandwich
you've got there - without a bun
(plus, it makes for a cheap date)

So hush - don't you cry-eye...

More unusual signage 
(as seen whilst out and aboot)
hand + stethoscope + groveling old people = ???

It's all about the geri section today!

Yes, my sweet, my shug-ah!
Maybe that's the problem. 
No sweetie for me, after LoCarb.
Coincidence? I think not!

Working from sunup till sundown 
is a great way to occupy time, and escape from thoughts.
You don't have to feel your feelings when you are too tired to care!
Plus you save some money for a proverbial rainy day!
It's "win-win"  ....at least until it isn't....

Monster LoCarb energy drink
2 HB eggs
4 slices "Canadian" ham and
2 slices pepper jack cheese
XAPP LC energy w/ protein
Atkins bar
Advil for a wee little headache
8,500 steps today while at work
(Which turned into an extra long day, by the way)
3 people (3 different scenarios) asked if I was Canadian today....
One actually said "Oh, so you are the Nurse from Canada?"
I was like - "No" and stuff....
What is up with that?

Still hope you are having the best day ever!


  1. They musta saw your "Canadian Ham" and put 2 + 2 together....xoxo

  2. Did you happen to say hey at any point in the day, because others seem to pick up on that quick.
    Summertime is one of my favorite songs, I can do a nice rendition of it if I say so myself, but you got more humor to it. Glad you are well, don't get too tired. be well.

  3. Nah - I never say hey, or eh, or anything like that at work.
    Not even so much as an "any-who!"
    In fact, I'm not allowed to speak at all!

  4. But you used the word for knitted hat the other day, I am too lazy to look it up, "tuk" long u, and I thought to myself that was a very Canadian reference from Anne. I wonder if she's spent time in Canada....

    Have a happy Tuesday!

  5. Maybe Canadian caregivers have a good rep and because you are so good at your job some folks think you are from Canada? I like the photo of the little bunny.

  6. That guy on the recumbant looks uncomfortable. Too, laid back for me :)

    Cute little hunny-bunny.

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. So you have an inner-canadian in you huh. Wonder how they knew? :-) Catfish makes me hungry! Where is my fish rub?

  8. Ha! I sing that song all of the time. My mom used to sing it to me when I was little. mmmm....memories.


    Oh, and once I went to Bass Pro Shop at night and they had these big tanks set out in the parking lot. I guess some fishing expo or whatever. Anyway, everyone had gone home but I wanted to see the fish and when I went over there I saw two of the catfishhad jumped out and were in the parking lot. Was able to save both (not sure of their ultimate fate and don't care to think about it) but one gave me a poke with his fin as a thank you. Ouch.

    Don't know why I felt I needed to share all of that but there it is. Enjoy. LOL

  9. Canadian caregivers must all be known as super nice and caring????

    And you know the saying idle hands make for idle minds-- or something like that.

    Keep up the good work Anne,

  10. Oh Canada!!! Canadian bacon, Canadian nurses...sounds like a trip up north in just what the nurse ordered.

    I am sad to see that was not a banana in my pocket...they only had strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, oranges and grapes. Maybe next time!

    Love that song! Hope you are having the best day EVER too!

  11. Hhow did I ever miss this post. You would make a great Canadian nurse....eh!
    Big hugs...........:-)

  12. I used to have a recumbent bike too...ummm...I crashed once big time...but after getting my second recumbent, I decided that Missouri hills and recumbents were bad umkay. I want a tadpole next (if I ever get another road bike)

  13. The elliptical bikes are very popular here.
    All around white Rock Lake you can see them.


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