29 June 2010

lost and found

Harley - the new boss *D - o - double G*
Sees everything in black and white.
But he's all ears, if you just want to talk.

This isn't Bevo - the University of Texas mascot...
And this isn't Elsie - 
Reckon I'm lost....
I am lost.

So I try to fix the situation...  join the TomTom Club
Now that I am a blonde, I need it!

Back to life - back to reality - 
however do ya want it ♫♪
however do ya need it ♫♪

Adjusting to the hair.... it's ok, eh?

A "5 table ring!"
Why is it called a 5 table ring?
Because you can see it from 5 tables away!
Dress-up Day! More fun and games in Hospice.... lol

Monster w concentrated whey protein
Egg white protein
Water, coffee
Package of mixed nuts
MetRX Ready to Drink LoCarb protein 
SO hungry when I got home!
I cooked a cube steak and green beans...
With Mrs Dash and Chipotle hot sauce!
And a cup of hot tea unsweetened.
7,500 steps today 
And a wee little work out 
Just enough to say I was there.
It shouldn't count -
and it doesn't count, per se!
Now that I've un-lost-ified myself,
(or is that un-losted?)
I hope you are still having an awesome week!


  1. And of course, I am listening to Wicked on the iPod...
    Dear Old Shizzzzzzzz!

  2. That dog scares the crap out of me. He looks like a Furby! Furby scares me too! LOL!

    Are you having more fun as a blonde? Do tell...

    Glad you were found!

    I like how you had Dee oh double Gee and some serious bling all in the same post. You lady are rep'in for da dirrty Souf!

  3. Paps are cute dogs...and you wanted to get out of the farmland to get back on I-35? Are you nuts?!? Well, you did have to get home eventually.

  4. Oops...had to zoom in...you got back on 635? Are you nuts? LOL...there is definitely a lot I do miss about my time in Dallas...thankfully, I lived pretty close to my work so those infamous byways weren't much of an issue for me.

  5. Had to get home....
    Shorty (aka Elsie) was giving me the stink eye.
    And Bevo wanted to make me his Biotch!
    I just roll that way, right?

  6. Love the DoGG... from an old D♡G... Love you!! Love your BL♡GG!!

  7. Yep, I'm enjoying the rain - even rode in it this evening! Everything is right as rain 'round here. Glad you are having a good week! Me, too.

  8. To answer your question...I love meditating. I went to classes last summer and got hooked...much like yoga.

    I may go to classes again this summer, also the yoga studio has meditation and chanting, but I haven't been there for that yet.

    I currently do guided meditations from chopra.com. I love me some davidji. Also there a lot of meditations on youtube and I have some meditation CDs. Once in awhile I meditate all by myself and luckily I have a CPAP and I can't fall asleep until I put on my mask...

  9. The hair is looking really good Anne!

    I don't know what I'd do without my GPS. I swear, I get lost going around the block.

    xo jj

  10. Anne I love the hair when it is all styled up. hope you have a great weekend too. the dog is cute, the rings are fun. take care.

  11. Your hair color looks great. :) That dog is so adorable!

  12. That's some serious bling :D

    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  13. How do you get your hair to stick up? It is SOOOO cute!

  14. Boy!! I've been away a long time, you are now a lovely blonde chick! Great look. Cute puppy, too.

  15. That's right, you joined the blonde club. Welcome to the ditz squad. Harley is so cute, made me sad for my little Papillon. I so like your blonde hair for the new you.

  16. Awww, Harley is sweet looking.

    I'm trying to grow my blonde out. Husband says he likes it, but I wanted to go natural again while the color lasts. I'll have to talk to hair gal about blending the color before August. I'll see what she says.

    There was a huge storm in Chicago last Wednesday. I was stuck there for hours and hours and hours. Siiiigh. Luckily I found an outlet. Unluckily, they did not have free wifi.

  17. All things considered, I'd say that looks like a pretty cool placed to get lost in.

    The hair looks great, Anne!

  18. Am so very proud of you for being able to stick to no/low carb. It is very very hard for me!! But I do keep trying. I frosted my "light" hair for years....finally had no xtra $$ for it....lo & behold I am now a days what I call a "blonde". Actually at age 62 .... I am kind of "fluorescent"??? ... I love reading your posts. Hopefully, one day I will enough self control to lost this fat around my middle. I am soooo proud of you!!


  19. So I changed up my hair.....
    Must be gettin' over something!
    The question is - WHAT?
    Only getting "over" myself, I think!


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