09 April 2012

spring tide

I love these little bushes....

What time is it? It's time to eat!

Leaving for the cruise in 27 days...
The nurse I had to fill my slot (since about February)
had to cancel on me... *sigh*

Glad I am eating beef.... it gives you Zip!

Helped make these.... 
And I am not tempted at all in any way...
Unlike last year in August - when I really wanted to -
And DID - bite into a cinnamon roll! (link)

Way way out with the cows!

Crazy weather this week....
It seems we are under the spell of a Perigean Spring Tide (link)
All about the Moon tides... and not about the season of Spring...
So I expect crazy times and crazy weather... (more here)
This week - anything goes!


  1. A cruise, yeah Anne. It'll be so much fun and you can share all kinds of pictures.
    Spring has been different but today it's real April weather. Cold and windy.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed and safe day.

  2. So jealous about the cruise...what islands are you hitting? Have a great time!

  3. Early this morning, yes..one of THOSE Mondays of starting fresh, starting new, visions of all your photos, especially of the food...swirled in my head....

    THANK YOU....have a great day!

  4. So, what happens if there is no replacement nurse?

    27 says will fly by and yet seem forever.


  5. I am so looking forward to hearing all about your cruise!

  6. Hey Anne!!

    I so wanted a cinnamon roll yesterday after mass. Two years ago I could have told you every bakery in the Metroplex with decent cinnamon rolls. Yesterday, I couldn't remember single one. In fact, I couldn't remember the last time I actually ate a cinnamon roll, so we came home from church and made omelettes instead. ;)

  7. Moons and spells...fun stuff. I love, love, love that table!

  8. That clock table is adorable!
    Want...want... want...sitting here thinking of how I can make one, LOL!

  9. I hope things work out so you can still go on your cruise. Hang in there. :)

  10. I've been a bad girl...and my waistline is telling on me, sigh. Hope you have a fantastic time on your cruise!


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