17 April 2012

rowing machine day

Spring in Texas - a little of every kind of sky 
All in just one day!

Still loving the Zero Carb...
What is not to love about Sirloin Patties and Bacon
for Breakfast? (Yum)

With ZC there is less to cook... less to prep...
And less to think about. Just thaw something out
every day... cook it... and bam!

Bought a Rowing Machine on Craigslist yesterday
This one is magnetic - the fancy ones have a fan...
A good rowing machine can be a couple of thousand bucks -
This one was a bargain at $100 - Thanks, Craigslist guy!
It won't row itself at at either rate!
And this will certainly get the job done.

Stopped and got Pat a Happy Meal. She's 75.
She loves them - they are just the right size for her.
They should make a Happy Meal for old people -
And put hearing aid batteries in for prizes...
Or prunes, maybe!


Happy Spring! 


  1. Haha! Hearing aid batteries! Good idea!

  2. The old people happy meal is a great idea LOL!

  3. My folks used to have a rowing machine when I was a teen. I loved to used it while I watched TV. Probably could have rowed to Hawaii and back for all the time I put in on that thing. Haha. Have fun!


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