27 April 2012

oh no, not again

 Took the Baby Mac to the Monolithic  Apple  - 
Same thing as before - Power Cord Issues...
Must be a metaphor for me!
One week before vacation, and no access to a computer.

I'm at the Lie-Berry again.
Getting pelted in the back of the head by little
kids with spits balls. Just yuk.
So Blogging Family, please indulge me
as I trudge along as best as I can.
I promise to catch up with you all 
in no time!  Any one who can tell me who to
Blog from the Android - I'm all Virtual Ears!

 I'm doing ok - a little busier than I would like to be
But just getting ready for vacation...
Trying not to get frustrated... 

 I should be on my mettle - 
And yet I'm torn apart
Da dup da da da da dup

Went back to CrossFit
It was great - and just a misunderstanding

I need a Coach like a person needs a teacher!
I guess Reverse Motivation doesn't work well with some people
I may - or may not - be currently giving 100%
All the time... but I'm there to learn and have fun 
as well as train for the Senior Olympics!
And really - some days it' enough for me to just show up.

 The perfect way to cook bacon
Use a sheet of foil as a Splatter Guard
And a little Cast Iron Skillet as a weight

Some Zero Carb eats this week:
Lots of good Steaks and Sirloin Patties
 Bacon and Eggs.... I find I need less food -
And just "regular small person" portions
are just enough for me and my Gold Locks

I love to cook and I've taken on a project 
of cooking for a neighbor....Who I found on the floor.... 
I sent her to the ER and she came back alive and hungry.
I told her it would be WinWin If  I could cook for her.
 So she dropped me a $20, and said "Medium Rare!"
She is a Foodie and a Germaphobe...
So we will get along famously.
No rancid oils.. no licking of the spoon.
And dinner at 7. 
Formal dress optional.

Until next time -
I remain Your Truly -


  1. Get better Lil' Mac!

    Can't wait to read about your vacation!!!

  2. I will be hoping the Mac gets well soon. I know it is frustrating. Your food looks great. I'm trying not to be tempted by it as I just got back on a plan today. Hang in there.

  3. I hope Baby Mac recovers ASAP. Loving all the beef and what a great way to cook bacon!

  4. I sooo love a good sunny side up egg. And when I see them here, I've drooled and tried to make them. One of these days I'll catch it before it overcooks!! Yours always look so luscious. :-D

    Get well fast, Baby Mac. Vacation is right around the corner for you.

  5. hi Anne! I'm new to your blog cuz I sort a do a low carb - high protein but I use a bunch of plant proteins instead of animal (i do eat eggs). I have a low thyroid so I have to be watchful of HDL/LDL junk. I'll be hanging out here a bunch. Thank you for doing a blog like this. ~ Renae


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