07 April 2012


Found a local little Butcher Shop...
They only use Choice and Prime cuts of beef...
Most stores sell Select or even Commercial (link)

Got some things for the next few weeks...
I'm very sensible about my meat only diet
(with some tea!)
I feel good and have been walking almost every day -
Still lots of energy!

Like this... a nice little meal.
Mostly beef, but still some variety...

Some bacon, fish, and chicken are on the books too.
And smaller meal sizes... it might be cave man food...
But need to eat cave man amounts, eh?

Now little grannies in the neighborhood are counting carbs!

No comment, eh?

Can they say that?
I guess so... they just did!

Spent some time outside this week... in the sun!
It was a good week - except for the parts that
just about sucked the life out of me....
Other than that - it was a great past few weeks!

Hope yours is going well!


  1. I miss shrimp. I miss cheap gas. ; )

    Sorry for the life-sucking parts. Focus on the better stuff. Happy Easter, my dear lady!

  2. Boo to the life-sucking parts...have a lovely day tomorrow!!!

  3. Anne, gotta a question....are you taking supplements along with your meat only diet? Just curious as to how you're getting all your vits in.
    I hope your have a blessed weekend and next week is awesome!

    1. Yes - I take my regular vitamins/minerals....
      Although most people on Zero Carb say you don't need to at all!
      I still do, though....

  4. Gotta ask a question....duh...

  5. Shrimp, yum! We are having shrimp scampi for Easter dinner, with cabbage sauteed in ghee.
    Oh, and for dessert I made peanut butter cups. What's to miss?? :-D

    Have a wonderful Easter day, Anne. Hope it's nice and peaceful for you... it's about time you got a glorious stress-free day.

  6. Happy Easter. The meat only diet seems to be going well for you. I like reading about what you are doing in case I want to try that too so I'll know what to expect. Hope the next week puts that life back into you!

  7. I'm with ya on taking vitamins specific to each person's needs. I'm not Zero Carb, just Low carb, but if I get lazy and don't take mine I get terrible charlie horse cramps in my upper ab muscles. Doesn't take too many of those to convince me to NOT listen to the know-it-alls, and just take the dumb pills, LOL!
    Have a great Sunday, Anne. :-)

    1. Quitting reading junk on the internet has decreased my stress level by about 100%
      Just like people who make fun of "insidious weight gain from one potato..."
      Say what you will.... but talk to my lil fat hand.... me and my butt won't be hearin' ya!
      It DOES have that effect on me... that, and a blood glucose reading over 200...
      But hey - it only happens every time!

  8. Anne, Happy Easter, so glad you are well, can I ask why you have gone to a meat only diet....I am always interested in what you are doing. I am glad to be able to comment on your blog. I have been having trouble with a whole bunch. hugs.

    1. SOOOOOOo glad to hear from you, my Cinner!
      I did the meat only diet cuz I want to keep my carbs
      as low as is humanly possible.... and I like it!

  9. Boy that shrimp looks good :) glad you've had a pretty good few weeks.


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