11 April 2012

too busy

Streets are so close to the sides now,
These dogs just come out from nowhere

Oh really?
Who knew.

Monks of Walmart

Don't try the Hollindaze sauce... 
It sucks!

I heard you the first time

Still hoping I don't have to choose between
having no replacement - and having no integrity

No outlet for Margueritas

Children at play on the third wire

My first guy hair job...Yay!
Not a bad make-over. I do love to do hair!

Too busy for my own good these days...
A slice of two of bacon... a bite of two of brisket...
And a Monster... just like it always am when I am super busy!
And a good ol' protein shake... I love them... thank goodness!


  1. I have that exact cookbook, it was my yiayias and it got passed to my mom and then to me.

  2. Why do you have to find your own replacement at work? Can they find someone for you? Or, ug, work more before and after your cruise? There just has to be a way for it to work out!

  3. You've been planning this for months, and I hope you stick up for yourself! We obviously don't know how your particular job is set up, but it doesn't seem fair that you have to find a replacement. Is this a case of "self employment"?

    I remember once, years ago, when I gave notice that I needed to quit a position. They pleaded with me, oh no, you can't leave, there is no one else. This went on and on. I finally got it that there would NEVER be anyone else... til I left. Then lo and behold, the earth didn't stand still, the sky didn't fall. Miraculously they found someone else. :-D

    All that to say, I really want you to get to go on your planned trip! You've worked hard, and deserve to do this for yourself.
    I'm in your corner... want me to beat 'em up?? ;-)

    1. Only the nurse that cancelled in the first place....
      Email me for info...
      of course - just kidding....j/k!

  4. Busy, busy, busy...looks like you are doing great things!


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