05 April 2012

dang it

Meat only - steak with buttah

And a slice or two of pepper and onions... for flavor
Might be one gram of carbs - if that

Nourish your brain? Healthful?
Shoot. Me. Now.

In the mood to clean

See this guy at the Chiro after awhile of this



  1. What is that pink thing? Looks cool. Is it made from glass?
    Love that t-bone. Still loving all the meat.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed weekend!

  2. This looks like a Dr. Seuss tree, thanks for the close-up.

  3. Cool tree! Yummy steak!

  4. Weird tree but interesting. The t-bone looks good. I haven't had a steak in a while but am craving on now. I prefer ribeyes though.

  5. Just caught up on your posts...lots of stuff...tornadoes, wiener dogs, bacon, eggs, steaks and buttah...you can keep the tornadoes, but I will take the rest.

    Love all the pics of Dallas in one of your previous posts!

  6. Wow is right! That orange "tree" is awesome. And your steak made my mouth water.

    So glad all is well in your part of Texas. Phew.

    Have a happy weekend, Anne.

    xo jj

  7. Oh oh oh!!! You got to see a Chihuly installation IN PERSON???? I am sooo jealous, LOL!


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