14 April 2012

food this week

Once a week or so, I cook for my neighbor....
Pat doesn't always cook for her self...
Chopped sirloin, shrimp, and some peppers for her...
I think I had a bite or two of the peppers.
But I'm still 99.99% zero carb.
The peppers were more for flavor.

Went to the butcher shop...
Great guys - love to buy meat from there!
I might not ever buy meat from the grocery store again.

The prices are competitive - but the 
meat is 100 times better... and worth the trip!
It's all Prime and choice fresh cuts of beef.

This is Sirloin Steak...seared on the outside...
Juicy on the inside!

Why yes - it does!

Bacon and tea  - for breakfast

Chuck Roast - I make a roast every week.
I use the cast iron dutch oven so much -
I end up leaving on the stove-top all the time!
I use it as much - or more than the Grok Pot.

Bacon and eggs... lots of hot sauce on everything!

Lots of broth - still no daily coffee -
3 weeks ago, I gave up my Sacred Cow - Heavy Whipping Cream!
This is beef and chicken broth with coconut oil - yum!

Love laying on the Pool Noodle
The first 3 or 4 days I tried this -
it was so comfortable, I fell asleep!

There are 2 sizes... I try them both

People ask about the Zero Carb...
So I love to tell them!
It's been the best type of "hard-core Induction"
that I've done in 3 years... I love the results 
AND I love the way I feel. LOVE it!


  1. Good for you Anne H.! You are an encouragement to me - thank you.

  2. Hi Anne,

    So happy for you that your doing well on "no" carb. I've been doing low carb (30 carbs max/day)for about a year and a half and have been on a plateau for the last 2-3 months. My exercise is awesome so I'm assuming it's my food. So many people have told me to switch to weight watchers but I LIKE low carb eating. I'm about 30 pounds from goal weight.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks Anne,

  3. I wish we had a great butcher around here, makes all the difference!

  4. If you have time, would you mind telling how you use your dutch oven?? Like, how you did the roast? I *think* what I have is a cast iron dutch oven, but I don't know what to do with it. :-} Do you use it IN the oven? On the stove top? Sear the meat first, then bake?

    I guess I don't understand how it's better/easier than a grok pot?? What's the diff??

    Help a dutch newbie out?

  5. Lots of low carb goodies in those photos. You have really rocked the zero carb thing, Anne. Believe me when I say I'm taking notes and paying attention. :)

  6. Oooo Zero yah baby! Sometimes when my carbs are at point, I just eat no carb for a snack and it is really a no brainer choice. I love that dish you made for your friend Pat! Keep the pictures coming because I so like them!

  7. Hi Anne,

    Hope it was OK to link you-I just found your blog and lots of good stuff! Leila


  8. Now those are some great meat shots. I could go for each one of those meals X 2. Delicious!


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