22 April 2012

beef eating

A lovely Ribeye

Bones and stuff for broth.... 
I make a pot a week or so...
Or a Brisket or Roast.

Got the AeroLatte

Froths butter and coconut oil into coffee....
Still no Heavy Whipping Cream for me.
The first blush of coffee (after a month with no coffee)
Gave me a wee bit of a headache today...

Lots of stretching....
Even at work
I stand most of the day....
AND take advantage of every opportunity
To get some stretching in.

One of these Resistance Bands is  great to take to work....
They don't weigh alot or take up much space!

Tons of energy now.... getting ahead for the first time
-- in months!

Hope your day is great - and tasty!


  1. Your beef looks delicious. Now I'm hungry.


  2. You've mentioned energy several times. What do you attribute that to? Do you know? Is it the actual food plan, or losing more weight, or a combination, or??

  3. Look at those skinny pink gams! I think your gizmo is hecka cool. If I understood it right, you make coffee using coconut oil and butter? That I would like to try. I need to research coconut oil for next months every adult female in the household joining me on a low carb life. I gotta keep them interested and deprogram their carb issues.

  4. I now know the answer to where's the beef? At your house.

    Lovely meat!

    Stretching is just grand...I am a bad stretcher...the only stretching I do is at yoga and once in awhile I do my calves when they lock up on me.

    You are so good!

  5. I'm glad you are finally feeling much better.


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