19 April 2012

zero carb and pufa

Getting my beef on.... love my diet -
I like the local butcher shop because they 
can wrap each parcel in thick paper...
in one pound increments. Just enough for me.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast...

Steak for lunch... This is Chopped Sirloin - 
So lean - I had to add butter!

2 steaks, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, shrimp
A typical day seen here on FitDay

Still only has at or around 4% PUFA total...
I STILL love to keep the pufa low...
I think they are the root of all evil in diets.
And with the over numbers in the 4% range,
I don't think I have to worry about ratios.
They are all low. Low enough.

A good rotation would be beef every other day....
With chicken and pork and fish in the mix.
If a person got tired of beef... or wanted some variety.

Even with pork and chicken, 2 steaks,  and shrimp all in the same day,
It's 1700 calories... Now what a treat THAT would be!

And still around 4% pufa...
No skin on the White Meat Chicken to get the numbers right!
And this chart had 2 Tablespoons of Butter and
2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil added...

People ask if a Meat Only diet is more expensive...
Yes and No.
I don't have to "worry" about anything else...
No salad, no veggies.... nothing.
And that makes it easy. Nothing to think about.
Nothing to prep and store.
Half the veggies I would buy would go bad  -
long before I could use them...
That's not cheap either!

Let's say a person ate a half a pound of good quality beef a day.
Maybe some choice beef... $7 a pound...even $10 - 
So to eat all meat is running me around $5 a day.
A person could eat a pound of meat a day (I don't) ... 
$7 a pound/day..That still $220 a month... $55 a week...
I spent more than that before! Lots more... And ZC is much more satisfying.
And less $$ than it was was I was getting all the veggies, salads, 
And Heavy Whipping Cream, and Cheese!

So - still in the Honeymoon phase of it all!
And still loving it - and Zero Carb loves me!
For now, at least.
Can't get much more "hard-core" than Meat only
Cave man or not - just sayin'!
What was that sound? 
Oh that - just me - dropping another pound....lol!


  1. I am in awe if your determination and persistence and just all out never giving up- ness!!! I truly wish I could eat meat the way you do!

  2. My husband could most def eat meat only. Me, not so. Thumbs up to your determination! It takes guts woman & you've got them!!

  3. But fruit and veggies are really good for you, too!

  4. I dunno, Anne. But if it makes your body feel good...we're all different.


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