18 April 2012

turtle haiku

Turtle in the road
Much like me

Back to the sewer -

Peeing all the way!

Did my "good deed" for the day. It was a pretty steep climb.
Would not have been able to do it a year or so ago!


  1. You are a hero to turtles everywhere!!!

  2. The Texas Turtle Salvation Incident. News at 11:00 lol One less meaningless road kill. That turtle is fortunate that you had done Crossfit and had no problem with that incline. Awesome story like the video input.

  3. ..."a hero to turtles everywhere..."
    What a cute story. Especially when you noted that a year ago you couldn't have done it!
    Yay you!

  4. What a fantastic thing to do for a little turtle!


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