25 April 2012

smile, dammit

Cuz I said so!

What do we know of Cultured Butter....
Instead of regular old Sweet Cream Butter?

Still doing the Zero Carb...
Although I do admit I had a glass of wine with dinner last night.
This quitting Cross Fit has been keeping me up late at night.
Which tells me it is not resolved in my mind.

I am stronger, and better, and doing quite well...
Like the 6 Million Dollar Phattie!
My awesome trainer and I talked at great length
and I felt a strong "want" and desire to go back to CF
If only to get in the habit of not quitting things!

Stuff like this speaks to me...

And this....

I think we as a Society are in a pretty bad spot...
Maybe we have been for a while, and the Internet 
just lets us know about it faster... 
Trouble is nothing new...

Certainly whatever comes next in life will be easier to face
if I am in good shape... Weight Loss is good... but it's not
enough to get and stay healthy... HEALTH is what it's all about.
And there has to be some degree of Fitness that goes with that.

And it's not a far stretch of the mind to think that I need a Guide
in the form of a trainer to help me along...
I want to be injury free.... I see all kinds of BlissNinnies
Doing a FB challenge.. 100 squats a day....
That's all fine and good... but honestly, there's more to squats
Than just bending your knees and counting reps.

So I thought about it... and decided to go back to CrossFit!
I am pretty excited about it.... but not 100 resolved.
It might also be Transitional Noise from the Cruise....
I leave this apartment in like 10 days.
And I am such a Shy Person that it's troubling.
Also... I am not a fan of water. 

Well.... here' me.... just muddling along.
Really. Thanks for reading...


  1. The not caring about what others thinks is something I need to work on for sure. Hope you enjoy getting back to CF. I will definitely be looking forward to your cruise stuff because I've never been on one and often think would I like it, just not sure. Hope you have a good day. *hugs*

  2. It's fantastic that you're trying something out of your comfort zone (sorry about the stupid cliche). I've never joined a gym or gone on a cruise. Can't wait to find out how you like it. I want to try strength training but have been stuck on the getting a trainer part. Inertia.

  3. Anne! Yeah for going back to CF...because that kind of overall exercise is good for a body. Get after your CF coach (no shy allowed in there) to help you adapt workouts where necessary to avoid injury. Like me. I refuse to jump up on to or jump down off of boxes. Stepping works just as well as jumping. If CF coach gives you grief, tell him Angela Pea said so! ha ha ha

    OMGosh..the Cruise is coming! The Cruise is coming!!

    and P.S. No quitting or I'll come kick your behind. And make you go mountain biking.

  4. I'm glad you decided not to leave CF!!
    I really wish I was going on that cruise with you. Oh well I'm sure when we meet there will be sun and a drink involved :)

  5. Hope you rocked the box tonight!!!


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