04 April 2012

business as usual

My Zero Carb Egg-scapades continue....
Lots of stuff is magically getting done at my place!
Suddenly I have more energy for stuff that I had been
putting off for years.... boxes in the back of the closet....
Projects I didn't know I was too tired to even start...

Thanks for all my friends who checked on me during yesterday's storms... 
All is well today - it's about 70 in the sun - a bright Spring Day!
Back to work tomorrow!


  1. So glad you weathered the storms Ok. Was thinking of you as soon as we heard the news.

    Wishing you a happy carb free Easter. Enjoy your spring weather.... don't think it lasts long where you live. *smiles*

    I'm not sure I want to go completely carb free. It's a little tough on the gut.

    Meantime good news is my BP is coming down to the doctor's satisfaction. Still on medication but slightly reduced.


  2. I'm just glad your safe and sound!!

  3. I'm also glad you're safe in the aftermath of the terrible storm. The film footage on the news was incredible!

    I'm clearing out the "excess stuff" at my place too. It feels good--clears the cobwebs of the mind as well as in the house!

  4. There is something symbolic about clearing out stuff. I have been boxing up stuff for the community yard sale in this town on June 2. Yippee, we will have a great time and get rid of not so good memories.


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