15 April 2012

zero carb

3 weeks ago and now!
Three weeks Zero Carb has a great effect on me.
Mentally - and physically.
I just cut out everything but the main course.
I didn't even know it had a name - at the time!

I have been wearing a 34 men's pants....
[down from a 48 - remember?]
To now about a 10/12.... depends...
Wait - not Depends... 
Not that there is anything wrong with that...
Well - anyways.... you know what I mean!

Eating Meat, Eggs, and Protein only...
With just a little spice now and then...
Celtic Sea Salt and Garlic Buttah  on Sirloin Tips - in this case!

The so - called safe starch experiment... 
That was around the Holidays....
Got up to a 36 [men's pants] .... not so good...
Those 9 pounds o' flesh show up big time -
When you are only 5'2"!!

Got back into the 34's..
Just in time for the cruise...
[We sail in 3 weeks]
On a household scale it shows 9 pounds lost - 
in  3 short weeks! YAY! Weeks - not months.
We'll see the "official" weight later - on the Cross Fit scale.

I live by myself and have no one to please...
or answer to... so I try to have some integrity
about myself.... and not wear a 34 - with a muffin top!
That is to say - I would rather go up to a larger size -
Than to wiggle into a smaller size.
Even though no one would ever know it but me.
So I own a few "back-up" pants - size 36....just in case.
Now they are unwearable! 
Even the 34's are nearly falling off.

Nurses who have not seen me for a year or so - 
They still can not hide their shock and awe 
When they see me! Nine pounds or not.
Gotta love that! However -
The conversation drops like a lead balloon 
when I tell them that the first step for me 
was to give up sugar and starch.
No drinking and try to work-out every day!
Doesn't sell alot of books.
We want what we want when we want it.
And will move Heaven and Hell to get it.
Or so it seems. There is just no easy way.
Simple - as they say - but not easy.

So yeah!
Zero Carb is turning out to be more than a 
Pseudo-Induction level for me!
I don't know how long I will do ZC.
[Prolly not during the cruise, eh?]
And you can't even say I'm that strict now with it.
I never was much of a Purist - with anything!
Some people who have made ZC a lifestyle - 
They only have meat and water! Not even spices.
I'm not there yet - if ever!

Gotta go - bacon's cooking!
And I think it's ready!


  1. Wonderful progress pics!

    Hey Anne, if you feel so inclined, could you share your thoughts on this whole "micronutrient deficiency" debate? It's what has stopped me from trying Zero Carb. I've read to the point of being cross eyed, and there just seems to be more opinions than bumps on a toad!

    The crux of it seems to be that if we don't get the micronutrients from veggies (and a little fruit) then over time (no one says how long that is) we will develop a deficiency, eventually manifesting as disease.

    The other side of the Hatfield/McCoy debate says that we get all we need from the amino acids in meat and from good fats, and the body converts what it needs (if I have it right, that is).

    What say ye, oh wise one??

  2. Thanks, Miss Rettakat!
    Here's a short answer - just from my heart... not so much my head.
    That would be a great topic for a post - by the way!

    I, too, am cross-eyed from reading the data.
    That is why I stopped reading any and all so-called facts
    about nutrition from either side. It was driving me crazy!

    Take fruit for example. Whatever beneficial micronutrients
    Are found in fruit - are cancelled out by the Fructose (for me)!!

    And if I should become catastrophically ill in the future -
    People would be quick to blame Atkins - and now ZC - BUT
    WHAT about all the decades of Morbid Obesity I put myself through?
    And the 300 to 500 (plus) grams of carbs I ate per day -
    Or was that per meal? LOL! Not too many micros in Mickey D's!

    I still take my Vitamins - by the way! I just feel better when I do.

  3. it still amazes me how we're all so so so so different and what works PERFECTLY for me or you may not for someone else.
    the process is in the discovering huh?

  4. You sound so motivated and encouraged-YEAH!!! It's working :) I like what MizFit said, "The process is n the discovering". So so very true.

  5. I can't believe I'm saying you are looking great because I thought you were great already, but the ZC 9-pound loss really shows in that photo and you look great! Or greater! Or just plain fantastic. And happy!

  6. brava!!! there seem to be a lot of ladies (including me) for whom ZC works better than anything else.... i feel GREAT without carbs, myself!

  7. I love the response you get from people when they do the "um...yeah..well..." thing :)

    When I posted my 60 pounds lost pics on my fb page, I was AMAZED at the number of pm's I got from people saying "Can you tell me how to lose that much too??". The sad thing is, they all wanted a SECRET and that secret had to be easy.

    When I told them what I do to lose weight, they were pretty much like, "oh".


  8. Bacon's calling.... Ha! You crack me up.

    Three weeks til the cruise- Woo-hoo! It's getting close.

    Keep up the good work, Anne. You look fantastic!!!!!

    xo jj


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