01 May 2012

occam's apple

Went to North Park Mall....
The Apple Store... the Genius Bar - aptly named - 
The poor computer would not hold a charge.... again!
And then the mouse pad would just go crazy, 
Scrolling on it's own. Who knew that they were
the same problem! The battery had gone bad...
And bulged out a bit - and displaced the room 
that the mouse needed to scroll.
They gave me a new battery - free - THANKS!
And told me to go blog till my heart is content.
I love those guys.... And if I ever did anything else but Nursing,
I would work for Apple.

A Monster for lunch - I know - but it's ok.
My eating is still "basically" Zero Carb....
I ate some Sauerkraut that I had on hand -
And an Avocado... before I leave for vacation.

Medium Chain Triglycerides before Cross Fit

I normally make it about half way down the length of the building
When we do the Bear Crawl. Today I went all the way...
Without stopping... and did 3 sets like that!
So the MCT does give some energy - I think!
And stamina - I still had energy to spare.

The Low Carb Cruise people asked for 
before and after pics - for a little slide show...
I gave them this... just snapped the current one.
THIS one even caught me off guard!

In just a matter of hours we sail -
So I'm going wild getting last minute things done!
My living room coffee table is buried under stacks of 
"tourist" clothes - it's my staging area.
And YAY - I get to take the computer with me!
Thanks for everyone who kept in touch 
while I was without a machine!
NOW - we go!


  1. You look FANTASTIC!!

    Glad you got your computer back

  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I can't wait to read and see your adventures! Safe travels.

  3. You look great and have a wonderful time!

  4. Have a wonderful trip, Anne! I can't wait to hear all about it. You look super!

  5. Have a wonderful trip.

    Amazing difference in your photos/ You must be so proud of yourself for sticking to it and Doing it.


  6. Hope you have a blast on the cruise, Miss Skinny Thang! :)

  7. awesome! awesome! awesome!

    have fun!

  8. Delurking to wish you Bon voyage and echo the comments of others on how fabulous you look! Hope you have a lovely time.

  9. Bon Voyage!! Looking forward to seeing everything on the cruise. I recalled the 'occam's razor' from Gary's critique by some fellow. But I had to google 'occam's apple' == check out the only hit it got -- YOU!!

    Have tons of fun. You will get everything you want, Father's gift to you.

    Love, katrina

  10. Watched The Matrix again today, and was fascinated when I saw "Switch". She's the blonde crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar, wore white and yellow sunglasses, and guarded her mates with her favorite Browning HiPower pistol. AND SHE LOOKED AMAZINGLY JUST LIKE YOU! It was fun to notice that... do you moonlight as an actress??! ;-)

  11. Oh Joy! Have a wonderful, fun filled trip and bring back lots of pictures and marvelous memories. Extra joy for the fixed machine!! Quadruple joy for the bear walking. My CF coach had us doing "Death By Boxes" yesterday. I made it to 17 minutes/17 jumps. Only three more minutes and I'll be a pro!

  12. Have a wonderful time on the cruise! I can't wait to hear about it. The before and after pic is astounding!!! You have worked so hard and it has paid off.

    Have a blast!

  13. Oh man I'm so excited for you Anne H.! YOu look HAPPY in the after pic - says alot doesn't it :)

  14. Love the new picture. Glad you got your computer back. Have tons of fun on your cruise. :)

  15. The before and after picture tells a wonderful story. You rock Miss A! Yay for the cruise...so so so soon!

  16. I could never have done it without the love and support of all my blogging buddies!
    THANKS - y'all!


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