30 June 2010

Dominion Day

It's Canada Day.... again!
And that means pictures of Paul Gross,
From Due South.

I have every episode of Due South on DVD.
Been a fan since forever.
From A to Zed.

This is our Dear Mountie on the phone.
Something (or someone) important, no doubt.
They always get their man! Or woman. 

Extra points if you know what kind of blanket this is called.
But no fair, if you are already a Canadian....
They all already know what kind of blanket this is called.

So take off  - and grab a nice Canadian beer.
A two-four?

Or a nice Timmy, eh?   (Sept '09)

Or cook up some Canadian Bacon... or Poutine

Or some Men With Brooms kind of action!
*told ya I'm a fan!*

 Keep All Canadians Busy!

O, Canada!
Where pines and maples grow ♫♪
God Save Our Noble Queen!

Happy Birthday Canada!
Thank You, Kindly!
Monster w protein
Hamburger with green beans
An avocado
Tea - I drank tea today
Water and fizzy water
About 9,000 steps today
All righty, then!
And some Loreena
Penelope's Song
YouTube Video


  1. "Je suis Canadien!"
    I am not bi-- (lingual)....

    But sometimes when I look at this Mountie
    I honestly wonder about myself.... yikes!

    And mind the tuque!

  2. Hey, thanks for the birthday greetings, Anne!

    P.S. Yes, I know what the blanket's called...

  3. There you go with that Canada stuff again! I know all the words to the Canadian National Anthem.

    I get the extra points for the blanket, but I won't spoil it for others......

  4. Roxie - I waited all year for Canada Day - just to post these pics!
    Sipping a Canada Dry, eating some peameal bacon...
    Can you believe it's been a year?
    Where does the time go?

  5. curling club???
    Whats a Canada???............. just kidding, don't stone me!!

  6. Your post is well deserved. Canada needs to celebrate.

  7. Lots of blogs are paying tribute to Canada's birthday today. I like him too especially as a mountie.

  8. Happy day for our friends to the north! I guess Bob and Doug McKenzie didn't deserve the shout out, eh?

  9. Oh, Canada. I know very little about ya.

    Hey, I like the new hair! Very nice. :)

  10. Happy Canada Day! A day off, fireworks...what more could I ask for?

    Love all of these pics...and of course I know what kind of blanket that is. Timmy's LOL! That spatula is priceless.

    Oh Anne, you have a wealth of knowledge regarding all things Canadian.

  11. A lovely Canadian tribute for our North of the border friends. However, Canadian Club would have been a lovely addition! Oops! Probably not a healthy option, huh?

  12. I had Canadian beers while I was away - Molson Golden [my favorite] and a Labatt's Blue. Do you want me to sing the anthem for you?

  13. Oophs, that was me who deleted about--

    How is it that I don't know that show, especially with such a leading man? Hmm, I gotta watch more tv.


  14. JJ - it is all good!
    Hearts and flowers
    Paul Gross is soooo cute, he catches you off guard, eh?

  15. here's the funny thing..

    I am a Canuck,but not a Paul Gross fan, can't stand Timmies (they don't roast their beans enough, too green.. rot my guts) nor do I like Blue (piss water)

    However, I love my country, my flag, our song (but I don't know the French parts)

    and I spent the day today in the U.S of A.

    what a bad Canadian.

    Bob & Doug rule.
    Americans drool. (grin)

  16. Amy - Take off, eh?
    For the Great Red White and Blue -
    It's the beauty thing to do!

    Kimberly - Expert? Not quite ALL things Canadian.


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