02 April 2018

new year

Keeping track

On days o don’t take a walk. 
It’s actually more because I don’t 
Carry my phone around at work. 

Yesterday was Easter and April Fools Day. 
Today is always an introspective day for me.
It’s the anniversary of the suicide 
of a dear friend - who I couldn’t help. 
So it’s like a starting over place for me. 
New Years, Atonement, 
Every holiday rolled up into one. 

Here are some things I’ve learned. 

Carbs count and they are not good for OMAD. 
If you refeed every 24 hours,
You will be perpetually hungry. 
We eat too much food. 
Generally speaking. 
Quality food is much better
than processed food. Duh. 
Walking is good. 
Stretching is good. 
Full body movements are good. 
Most people don’t sit around 
and think about food all day. 
You will lose muscle if you fast 
and have a large eating window,
 because you are spiking insulin 
all day long. 
Sleep is probably the most
important thing we do all day. 

These Brown E’s were from a few
Years ago on April Fools Day. 
Good times. 

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