28 April 2018


Cortisol - the “stress hormone” 
Is ramped up when you have coffee. 
Or covfefe. Especially covfefe. 

This is from Girls Gone Strong
Link in the comments to read more. 
When cortisol goes up, 
Blood glucose goes up. 
Your body is in some degree of Fight or Flight. 
Makes sense that it thinks
 you need access to more glucose. 

Here I’m making some herbal tea
With no caffeine. 
Going to try Green Tea. 
No sweetener. 
I broke myself of the habit. 

Not too shabby. 
48 hour fast ending here 
With about 100 calories of cheese 
And 100 calories of salami. 
For your mommy. 

Im in the throes of a 90 hour week. 
Right after I said I wouldn’t do it again. 
This time, I think I got it! 
Maybe the key is motivation. 
What is it for? 
MYbe that is what keeps us going. 


  1. Since Blogger won’t let my phone post a link, I put it here in the comments

  2. You look really good in purple!


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