25 April 2018

walking before dawn

I love getting my steps in before work

Auto check out
Checking myself out. 

Let it just rain already. 

Every day this boy wants fresh water. 
From the faucet. 
Or the shower. Or the tub. Or sink. 
Or even the toilet. 
We Diabetic Cats are thirsty ! 

My goal next week is to master the art 
Or even the possibility 
Of taking two walks a day. 
One in the morning. 
Outside, of possible. 
Inside, of not. 
The after work a little work out 
At Planet Firness. 
Still Sanke Jucing since Monday. 


  1. I am so glad the warm weather is here. I have missed walking.

  2. I want to be the kind of person that walks every day. Regardless of the weather. But really, I’m not that gal!


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