10 April 2018

pregnant- again

Went for a nice walk
Later in the day

Woke up this morning
Sick as a DOG
Not pregnant. Lol
Remember that old song? 
Note the low Hct! 

Plus- it is freaking 
HOT in here! 
That is NOT helping. 

And guess how much water 
I drank yesterday? 
Go ahead. Guess. 

I drank a few sips of Snake Juice. 
And a little hot tea. 
No caffeine. 
Smart! Not so smart! 

Note the red cheeks. 
First hint. 

So. The remedy. 
Coconut Water. 
Beef Bobe Broth. 
Topo Chico. 

The more things change, 
The more they stay the same! 


  1. My dear friend Cindy reminded me that we are not as young as we use to be. And we can’t go abusing our bodies. Lol.
    We decided we both need more water throughout the day!

  2. I saw that brand of bone broth this morning. How is it? Last brand, pacific, I tried was blech!

  3. Good reminder to drink drink drink...water. I'm terrible about keeping hydrated. My massage therapist is always lecturing me. He says our muscles don't work as well as they should if we are dehydrated. He's right, but drinking water is so boring. LOL.

  4. The bone broth was ok. I make better. Just saying. But it was good. I had to add salt.


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