15 April 2018

work work work

Lovely weather we’re having

Cool Spring! 

I’ve got Raynaunds. 
It just showed up one day. 
Right hand. First finger only. 

Weight is so steady with OMAD. 
Every now and then, 
I throw in a full body shot 

I met a Blogger once
In real life. 
She said I didn’t look anything 
Like my picture. 
So here’s me. 
Muther Focker. LOL! 

Throw some food in a trap, 
And that’s how we get caught. 

I’m spending so much time 
in my car driving home. 
If I make one stop, 
With traffic and construction, 
It takes me 2 hours or more
To get home. 
Sometimes more. 

I’m seriously considering 
Driving for LYFT or UBER 
To make better use of that time. 
That would definitely pay for my 
Up and coming vacation! 

So - I got Trekkie all ready. 
Just in case I get brave 
To take the plunge. 

Since I don’t go home to cook
Any more, I have so much time! 
Less shopping, 
Less prep. 
Less cooking. 
And I have all this energy! 

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