27 April 2018

take one for the team

So. Snaking. 
Down 4 pounds since Monday. 
No doubt water. 

That’s ok! I’ll take it! 
I walked 2200 step according to this. 
On the iPhone, it was like 700 steps. 
I don’t carry the iPhone with me at work. 

After work yesterday, the phone rings. 
It was my beloved company. 
The nurse called for the next day. 
So I “took one for the team”
And am working on my day off. 
The Vacation Team! 

Might as well have a bite 
Since there will be no feasting this week. 

About an ounce of cheese

About an ounce of salami. 
And yes. I scale it out. 
After nearly a decade 
Of Low Carb weight loss and management, 
I still scale it out. 

A new twist on the 12 Steps? 

I did this many hours before. 
But I was like 35 
And I lived 1 mile from my assigned case. 
I spend at least an hour each way
In traffic. Sucky sucky traffic. 

Yours very truly. 
My happy face at work! 

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