11 April 2018

sleep is #1

After being sick yesterday 
I decided to eat today. 

April is becoming a slow month 
For progress 

Note the elapsed time. 
It took 2 full hours to get home. 
I spend 3 click hours driving 
To and from work every day. 
So my 12 hour shifts 
Are really more like 14. 

Suddenly Spring 

The exit was missing this morning
And I ended up in a different part of town. 
So no walk. 
That’s an added 30 minutes 
to my morning drive. 
So much construction!

I can tell when I miss out on sleep. 
I gain like a republican in a tax grab! 
I can easily be up 3 pounds overnight. 
No worries. 
That’s just how it works. 
I didn’t gain when I ate jelly beans 
But I gain when I can’t sleep. 
Go figure. 


  1. You know that happens to me, gaining when I don't sleep and it is so frustrating!! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

  2. Exactly! I was dehydrated yesterday and missed sleeping deep. Also, I will say that I quit caffeine, wine, and carbs all at the same time. Bold. But not too smart!


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