16 April 2018


A very beautiful sunset. 
And a hungry refeed. 
Still fasting. OMAD. 
After work. At home. 

Normally this is me. 
You know me by now! 

Ramadan is coming. 
I remember in the Gulf War
Ramadan was a time of peace - and quiet. 
Ramadan is always peaceful 
If someone tells you otherwise ...
They. Are. Lying. 
Or uninformed. 

From a base of purest respect 
For a family I serve, 
I have agreed to adorn myself 
With this simple
And lovely Hijab.
For the month of Ramadan. 

Just the Hijab. 
That’s the head covering. 
I have no Abayu. 
An Abayu is the kaftan like “frock.”

Unfortunately, it makes me look 
Much older! 

The family was so impressed 
That I took it upon myself 
To fast and wear the Hijab,
They gave me this 
Beautiful English version Quran. 

Ramadan involves Dry Fasting 
From sunup till sundown 
Every day for about a month. 
DRY fasting. 
That’s no food or water. 
Maybe 16/8 
Which is a pretty generous window. 
What a wonderful opportunity 
For healing. 
I feel so good about this 
A month in a Fasting state? 
I’m already prepping. 
They said that if can go with them
At the end of Ramadan - 
To the Mosque for a feast
To break the fast. 
I must admit. I think 
that would be awesome!


  1. I tried once years ago to observe with my hubby ... I gave up after a couple of days. My wonky work schedule made it hard.

  2. Right! Nothing easy about dry fasting. I’m going to try try try, though!

  3. Good luck! I would have to be sipping my water, don’t think I could hack it “dry”...


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