08 April 2018

I heart carbs

I had Hot and Sour Soup yesterday. 
It was good during our 32 degree Sping day! 

I added some steamed veggies. 

So much of the world depends on carbs. 
Clean grains - without much modification. 
Sadly, I think American grain is different 
From what many people are use to 
When they come here from other countries. 

Many many countries have diets 
That are grain based. 

I don’t do well with yeast type grains. 
I do better with unleavened breads. 
But they are still grains. 
Still starches. 

Now that my glucometer readings
Are normal again, there is still insulin.
I think insulin is more of a bully- than glucose. 

So my little Carb fest-
Now officially over- 
Gave me much bigger muscles 
And smoother hair and skin. 
No doubt back to hydration status. 

Every gram of carboHYDRATE 
Has like 4 grams of water with it. 
That’s why you gain or lose water
The first few days on Atkins. 

So to summarize. 
Low Carb is a medical grade diet. 
It works. But you have to be smart. 

Are grains bad? 
Are sugars bad? 
Yes and yes. 
I’m not sure there is a moderate stance 
on grain consumption. 

In other news, I am going to try 
A week of walking twice a day. 
Are two short walks better than
One long walk? 
Might be good to keep the 
Exercise “spikes” going all day. 
Plus I don’t have the stamina 
For long hikes and walks. 

So I ordered a $20 pedometer
Simple and easy- 
Like the one I had so many years ago. 
Because I don’t always walk with my phone.
And I don’t wear a watch at work. 

Onward and downward! 

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I especially like the comment about feeling better when we do the right things... then why is it so hard to do them? So true.


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